Dhanush invited to lecture at Indian Institute of Management

Ahmadabad: Dhanush was invited to deliver a lecture at Indian Institute of Management in Ahmadabad. As per the reports and the National Award winning actor himself confirmed the news that he got the invite to deliver the speech on viral marketing by IIM-A. Dhanush lectured to the students there with aplomb and impressed all and sundry out there on Tuesday, 7th February 2012.

Behind the invitation of a lecture was the international success of Dhanush’s song ‘Kolaveri Di’. The track instantly got popular in India and around the globe making Dhanush superstar of south film industry and turning him as an international sensation. The number was written and sung by Dhanush himself. It has been composed for Dhanush’s flick 3 set for release on April 13th in Tamil and Telugu languages. The film has been directed by Dhanush’ wife and the daughter of superstar Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Dhanush.

Dhanush tweeted before going to Ahmadabad for delivering the lecture telling the fans he did not know good English but he did not care about it at all as he was an Indian not English. Dhanush very confidently lectured the students who got impressed by his skills of marketing. The lecture’s duration was one and half hour. The actual theme of the lecture was his song’s success in the world. As per the reports, the song was downloaded around 10 million times online.

The track was declared the Best Song of 2011 by CNN. But many got disappointed with the success of the number like legendary Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar who said that the song was utterly bad musically, lyrically and singing wise. He said how it got popular was weird!

Due to the popularity of this song, Dhanush was invited by the PM at a dinner party with Indian PM and the Prime Minister of Japan at PM House in New Delhi.

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