Dhanush meets with Amitabh Bachchan who raves Kolaveri Di

Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di song is not leaving any stone unturned to fetch in more and more popularity among the masses in the country and even much beyond the borders. The song has turned out to be the biggest sensation among the music lovers.

By the time Dhanush, the actor who has won National award, was scribbling down the song, he could not even imagine the idea that the song would turn out to be the biggest chartbuster of the country. The track’s fame can be judged from the fact that the biggies and the legends like Amitabh Bachchan praised high for the song. Big B finds no way out of the fever of Kolaveri Di.

Dahnush was recently in Mumbai to attend the Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible premiere and he turned this opportunity into gold by deciding to land into the house of Big B. The south star visited Jalsa and it was the biggest moment of his life to meet with the legendary superstar Big B there. Amitabh churned out praiseworthy words for his number, ‘Kolaveri Di’.

After meeting up with Dhanush, Bachchan showed his excitement for the track and meeting the southern guy on Twitter. In response to Big B’s words, Dhanush thanked him and said that it was a big pleasure meeting in person to him.

The fever of Kolaveri Di is endlessly high in India that Dhanush too got astonished with the response from the masses. He narrated it to the media that he and the whole team have never thought while recording it that the track would turn out to be the biggest sensation.

Where whole country has been praising the song, there are certain sections too exist which have been criticizing it like Javed Akhtar who went beyond in terming it as ‘substandard’. Akhtar mentioned that singing, lyrics and music – everything of the number was substandard.

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