Dhanush-Surya’s Star Wars!

It is well known that corporates run towards successful stars to get them endorse their brands so that they can increase their sales and profits. Presently South India’s most successful stars are continuing their sliver screen rivalry to corporate rivalry. They are none other than Surya and Dhanush. Surya shot into fame with his stupendous success of ‘Ghajini’ which was later remade in bollywood by Amir Khan. Even before that he made a name for himself with a string of successes and again entered news with his ‘Singham’. His film was again remade in bollywood and it also became a blockbuster in bollywood. But all this seems like it happened a decade back with Superstar Rajanikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush shot into fame with his Kolaveri Di. The song at once gave national fame and he even dined with Japanese Premier along with PM Manmohan Singh. Basking under this glory he dedicated anthem for ‘Sachin’ which is becoming a stunning hit. He is beating hard when iron is red hot and is already making his bollywood debut starring in ‘Raanjha’ and even revealed his wish to direct a film in bollywood. This was more unlike Surya who confined himself to South even though he starred in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Rakt Charitra’. At that time many corporates signed Surya as their brand ambassador but with Dhanush being the hot cake now they are switching their loyalties. One cannot find fault with Corporates as they are into profit making business and for them saleability is more important than any other thing. Dhanush is extremely tight lipped about these developments. Wonder what’s going on in Surya’s mind but one success for him will change fortunes for this Southern Star who spellbound everyone as ‘Bodhidharma’ in ‘7 aam Arivu’. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious in this brand wars.

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