Dhoni – Movie Review

Movie Title – Dhoni – Movie Review

Director-Producer: Prakash Raj

Cast: Prakash Raj, Akash and Nasser

Music: Isaignani Ilayaraja

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Dhoni, a Praksh Raj’s film has been well in news since quite some time and it was being expected to hit the hearts of the audiences and the same happened post the movie’s release. The audiences left the theaters having a good movie along. The viewers took back home something alluring and the movie that gave them a sincere message.

A sensible and brilliant actor Prakash Raj entices the cinegoers all the way. Dhoni is his show altogether. He acts, directs and produces this film and most importantly he manages to balance with all jobs. That is the creativity and intelligence of the luminous man.

Prakash, the National Award Winning Director has churned out many movies in the past. And he has acted in a number of movies so far. The latest one is Dhoni in which he not only acts, but also directs and produces to allure his fans. As usually his movies carry the serious issues to discuss, Dhoni too carries a subject to show the audiences. The film talks about the education system of the kids which puts huge burden on the minds of the children.

He is a classy storyteller and that he has produced. In addition to it, we all know the brilliance of the acting skills of the man called Prakash Raj. The flick goes on well and by the end gives us the message that the kids should be given the freedom to carry on what they want to be in life. The film says kids should not be the slaves of the heavy books. The movie is classy as far as direction, story, screenplay and performances are concerned.

Subbu (Prakash Raj) is a loving and caring farther of his kids – daughter and son Karthick (Akash). He loves them a lot post the death of his better half. He belongs to middle class and is an employee at the registrar office. In addition to this job, he also does other jobs to earn a good livelihood for his kids. He has one motto that his kids study at good schools and they get a good education. His son has inclination for cricket more than education. He gets the cricketing lessons by his mentor (Nasser). When the tenth standard exams come up, the management of the school calls Sabbu to let him know that his son is not doing well in studies and he would now be dropped from the school. With anger, Sabbu arrives home and beats the son and gets a head injury and goes into coma. Post his son’s injury, Sabbu realizes his fault and comes to know cricket is good for his son and he can excel in this field only. Now the hatred for the education system he starts developing inside. Rest of the film talks about how he takes this matter in broader way that the burden of education should not be put on the kids and the children have to give liberty in choosing their field.

The execution of Prakash Raj is simply marvelous and grabs the attention of the viewer. The story is fantastic. Script is brilliant and deserves brownie marks. Music is a treat to listen.

Prakash Raj allures the souls with his adroit acting skills. He is a marvelous actor, we all know and the same he displays in this movie. Akash, who is the son of the filmmaker Puri Jagannath, does a superb job. Rest of the cast is awesome.


On the whole, Dhoni is a classy movie with a good subject, well written script and marvelous performances by the stars like Prakash Raj.

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