Disco – Movie Review

Movie Title – Disco

Producers: Macha Ramalinga Reddy and Abhinav Reddy

Director: Hari K Chanduri

Cast: Nikhil, Sarah Sarma, Asish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde, Raghubabu, Jeeva, Brahmanandam and others

Music: Mantra Anand

[xrr rating=1/5]

Telugu movie ‘Disco’ has hit the theaters with gusto. But did it actually hit the hearts of the moviegoers? Well, to get the answer, read on the review of the movie. The film stars Nikhil, who made his cinematic debut with ‘Happy Days’, Sarah Sarma, Asish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde, Raghubabu, Jeeva, Brahmanandam and others. Mantra Anand has scored the music for the film album.

The flick is not potentially great to rave big about rather an ordinary story with ordinary narrative, direction and even the performances. The film does not have sparks to make the viewer sit till the end. But yes, admit….the film is laced with comic sequences which nonetheless raise the spirits and in short, you can watch this film just for once. It does not have any repeat value at all.

Disco (Nikhil) happens to be an orphan. The story behind his name ‘Disco’ is that by the time he was born in the hospital, all lights of the place started flickering. Disco has three pals and he is very touchy for his friends. He is the one guy who does not even bother if anyone attacks him but when anyone tries to attack his pals, he cannot bear it rather can go to any extent to save them.

Soon he bumps into a girl Shiney (Sarah Sharma) and it is the love of first sight – he loses his heart to her. But there is a problem that this girl is from Bangkok. Disco and his pals arrange a plan to go to Bangkok where he can easily woo the girl. They land at Bangkok where they come to know that Shiny is the daughter of a big underworld don (Asish Vidyardhi). The don kidnaps Disco’s friends and now he has to choose from Shiny or his friends? The climax is well-made and interesting.

The first half of the movie is laced with comedy scenes, which are alluring for the viewers. The plot is old. The screenplay’s presence is not visible at all. The film moves from one point to other and then shakes altogether. The script is much poor. Direction of the movie is ordinary and appears as if it was done in haste.

Dialogues have no life at all. Cinematography by Malharbhatt is appealing. Editing by Praveen Pudi is not up to the mark. Music by Mantra Anand is passable.

Nikhil is the only one who impresses with his performance. Sarah Sarma looks pretty but is lackluster as far as performance is concerned. Asish Vidyarthi is okay. Rest of the cast is just about okay.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Disco is an ordinary film with poor story-script and performances.

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