Endukante Premanta – Movie Review

Movie Title – Endukante Premanta

Banner: Sravanthi Movies
Cast: Ram and Tamanna
Direction: Karunakran
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Producer: Sravanti Ravikishore

[xrr rating=1.5/5]

Telugu flick Endukante Premanta releases today. Ram’s latest offering has been directed by A. Karunakaran. Opposite Ram, ravishing Tamanna plays the main lead. The flick is not as was being expected. The movie is far away from the brand of Karunakaran. Plot is not novel but interesting. Script has not been penned carefully since it has many faults.

The film talk about Ram (Ram) and Sravanthi (Tamanna) who come across in Paris and the meeting of the two happens in an unusual situation. They become friends. They land into a troublesome situation. They need passports and money to get out of Paris. Sravanthi helps out Ram to reach India and then she too manages to do the same. Therefore Ram learns that there is something about Sravanthi which he does not know at all. Now he is on way to learn the fact.

The film deals with illogical elements. It is targeted as a romantic fantasy. The director completely failed to maintain the right amount of balance between reality and fantasy. Although the movie endows the viewers with some entertaining sequences, it then falls short of entertainment quotient. The fact is visible that the director did not do any homework and even did not work on the screenplay before putting it on screen. There is no single scene which lures your souls. The love story portion is half baked. You do not find any chemistry between the leading pair. Although the script does not demand any kind of intimacy between the couple but it does not mean that love should be out.

Cinematography is average. Editing is below average. Music by Prakash Kumar is badly composed.

Ram delivers the goods aptly. Tamanna looks damsel and enacts well. Rishi is okay. Sayaji Shinde does fine. Anu Hassan is efficient. Rest of the cast does good job also.

Final Verdict:

Due to the lack of proper homework, badly done execution and poor script, Endukante Premanta fails to register any mark.

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