Hero Naanalla – Movie Review

Movie Title – Hero Naanalla

Director: S Raja

Cast: Pawan, Sahana, Jai Jagadish, Sathyajith, Bank Janardhan, Ravi Chetan, MN Lakshmi Devi, Killer Venkatesh, Chandan, Muni and others

Music: Raju Upendrakumar

Genre: Action

[xrr rating=1/5]

S Raja’s directed venture ‘Hero Naanalla’ is out in theaters now. The film stars Pawan, Sahana, Jai Jagadish, Sathyajith, Bank Janardhan, Ravi Chetan, MN Lakshmi Devi, Killer Venkatesh, Chandan and Muni.  Raju Upendrakumar scores the music for the film’s album.

The film does not live up to the expectations of the cinegoers. The audiences find themselves at the theaters yawning since the movie does not have anything to offer to the viewers at all. The script of the flick is simply poor and the story seems old. The direction is lackluster that does not have any charms to lure the viewers. Masses begin to think as to why the hard earned money was consumed on this flick!

The leading protagonist is the victim of the poverty since his childhood. Shiva (Pawan) lives with his mother and sister under the broken roof at home. They are poor and he sees all the bitter realities and the hard living and the difficulties of life. Post his father’s death, the Zamindaar (the leader of the village) tries to rape his mother. Shiva cannot bear this and with blood boiling with anger in veins, he murders the Zamindaar and runs away from the village with sister.

Over there in the city, he finds the life difficult with teenage sister. The goons begin teasing her and upon a chase, she falls from the height and passes away. These two incidents in his life make him much disturbed. This lets his heart stern. He is a mechanic in the city. He soon joins in the team of Sathyajith where he gets more enemies. The bigger enemy of Sathyajith is Jgdish. Soon Shiva is arrested for killing and when he releases from the prison, he joins Sahana, the teacher who was waiting for his release.

The movie is a big disappointment from all sections. The direction is pretty ordinary having nothing to rave about. The execution power is missing and the director cannot hold the attention of the viewer on screen.

The script is the biggest culprit of this devastating product. It does not have punch and the novelty at all. The story is as old as hills. The cinematography is shaky. The camera shakes at various portions. The editing is poor – many scenes seem cut and many seem forcibly attached.

Debutante Pawan holds no values. He does not impress at all. He needs to work hard on his impressions. Sahana is ravishing and appears good as far as acting is concerned. But sadly rest of the cast is below average.


On the whole, Hero Naanalla is a poor show all the way. There is nothing good to enjoy with then why to waste time and money?

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