Ishq – Movie Review

Ishq – Movie Review

Banner: Sresth Movies
Starcast: Nitin, Nithya Menon and Tagubothu Ramesh
Director: Vikram Kumar
Music: Anoop Rubens
Producer: M Vikram Gaud

[xrr rating=3/5]

Sresth Movies presentation ‘Ishq’ is directed by Vikram Kumar and stars Nitin, Nithya Menon and Tagubothu Ramesh in the main lead. M Vikram Gaud produces this saga that has music scored by Anoop Rubens. Nitin, who was away from the scene since quite some time, has returned to the screen after a hiatus. In this flick, he attempts a romantic comic caper.

The film is well executed and script seems well-maintained but there are some flaws in the screenplay which spoils the pleasures of the film to some extent. Rest the movie is fine and well made that attracts the attention of the viewers.

The film talks about Rahul (Nitin) who is a happy go lucky type of a boy. He falls in love for Priya (Nithya Menon), who happens to be the co-passenger on the same flight both use. Between both of them, initially the catfights take place but soon they turn good friends. Soon the friendship turns into love. The twist in tale emerges when Priya’s elder brother Shiva (Ajay) gets to know about the love between the two. Both Rahul and Shiva  are not on good terms since in past, they had brawl between each other. Thus Shiva does not approve of this relationship. Now what will Rahul do to get his love? This is what Ishq is all about.

The story seems formulaic but the scripting of the film seems good though there are holes in it. But in total, you carry on with the proceedings and this is what makes the value of the movie. Ishq is not a classy product to rave big about. But this love saga interests you and makes you sit and watch till the end.

The first half of the film is quite interesting and alluring and second half of the movie too carries the interest. But comparatively, first half the film is more than attention-fetching than the post interval portion. The big flaw of the film is that sometimes it seems in haste and also some of the sequences seem forced. Singling these things out, rest of the film is quite interesting.

Direction is not extraordinary but workable and binds you till the end reels. Cinematography is first rate. Editing portion is okay. Music is average.

Performances of the stars are well delivered. Nitin does the superb job and shows his class. Nithya Menon is quite impressive in her part. Ajay is a treat to watch. Rest of the cast is fine.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, the film is good to watch. Just watch it sans any kind of heavy expectations.

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