Javed Akhtar, much angry on poor quality of Kolaveri di

The extreme criticism has come up for Dhanush from the internationally renowned Bollywood lyricist and the Urdu poet Javed Akhtar. Akhtar seems not to be happy at all with the work of Dhanush at all, which is why he finally spoke against Kolaveri di in hard words.

Javed Akhtar, the legendary lyricist and the famous script writer who has been in the industry for decades conferring his skills to the cinema industry, has opened up criticizing Kolaveri di song.

Talking about Kolaveri di song, Akhtar mentioned that the composition, rendition and in particular the lyrics of the track are of poor quality. He got amazed that how the song shoved to such heights that it turned out to be the biggest blockbuster of the south film industry.

The song not only has been making bigger waves in south world but also has been creating its special niche in Bollywood related scene.

Akhtar, the famed Bollywood legendary personality whose family has been associated with the literary works (his father and mother – both the much popular figures of Urdu literature), shows his disapproval of the song that has turned the biggest ever chartbuster making the movie more popular among the film-goers.

He mentions critically that he would like to specially thank to the aggressive promotional techniques, web and latest ways for the marketing which even make the substandard works much popular among the masses.

Javed Sahib says that quality should be given importance and Kolaveri di has no quality at all. Well, we cannot deny the thoughts of the intellectual poet and lyricist but the fact of the matter is that the song ‘Kolaveri di’ has been riding on the higher waves and is on cloud nine. The team associated with this product is super duper excited and has been enjoying the success.

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