Jedarahalli – Movie Review

Movie Title – Jedarahalli

Cast – HM Krishnamurthy, Sushma and Shwetha Pandit, Shobaraj, Ashok Rao, Karibasavaiah, NGEF Ramamurthy, Mohan Rai, Rajesh Nataranga, Muni, Shanker Ashwath and others.

Banner: Deepak Enterprises
Music: V Sridhar
Producer: HM Krishnamurthy
Direction: PN Sathya

[xrr rating=1/5]


Deepak Enterprises’s Kannada movie ‘Jedarahalli’ has been well in news since the day, the flick went on floors. The flick has been generating the news and now it has hit the screens. HM Krishnamurthy’s production, the film is directed by PN Sathya and stars HM Krishnamurthy, Sushma and Shwetha Pandit, Shobaraj, Ashok Rao, Karibasavaiah, NGEF Ramamurthy, Mohan Rai, Rajesh Nataranga, Muni and Shanker Ashwath. V Sridhar is the one who scores the music of the songs.


Does the film live up to the expectations of the moviegoers, who were anxiously waiting for the release? Well, the answer is ‘not at all’! The movie is a big disaster and on all fronts, it disappoints the audiences who start repenting on spending money and wasting time to specially coming to the theaters for the entertainment. There is no dose of entertainment at all – the movie lacks any kind of spices as well to heat up the souls.

The direction seems pretty ordinary. Story telling on the celluloid is what gets the viewers on the edge of the seat. It is the mastery art that shows your skills of holding the viewers till the climax. Even we have witnessed many super executions where the script was simply poor but the direction was worthwhile to capture the attention of the cine buffs and the director even did not let the viewer yawns. Awesome and hats off to these directors! Well, they are rare!

The film talks about the life of the ex-underworld Don Jedralli Krishna who turned the political leader. This gangster is today called HM Krisnnamurthy being the social servant of the society and is a dharmatma. An enthusiast youngster who comes from rural areas to find a job in the city and he gets it finally in a factory. He is Jedralli Krishna. Soon his skill makes him the union leader in the factory. Being honest, he does not like the injustice being done with the factory workers. One day, he slaps a little shop owner when he charges a customer unnecessarily. Little does he know that this slap would be a turning point in his life? The attacks start happening in his life and he is now able to tackle with around 15 persons at a time since his gym training has given him much strength. He is nabbed unnecessarily by the cops but he gets the bail.

When he returns, the city is laced with the criminal activities of Kothwal Ramachandrappa and Guddhappa gangs’ association. The clashes emerge between Jedralli Krishna and the gangs. Gudhappa and his right hand get murdered by Krishna. But this criminal activity does not lead him to continue with it rather he launches his own garments factory. But the underworld does not allow him to be noble. Thus he confers his property and the factory to his workers and fastens the belts to teach the goons a true lesson. What happens next is the action filled saga!

The story is as old as hills. It is not even the old wine in a new bottle rather the old wine in an old bottle. The script is very poor and has been written with haste. Why this haste… is weird? The direction is missing. The director seems to be lacking in the grammar of cinema and the making of a celluloid product. PN Sathya wastes his time and the audiences’ as well. AL Mohan does the mundane job with the camera by offering the viewers the super weak cinematography. The flashback techniques used in the flick are pretty ordinary. They do not raise any spirits rather appear to be feeble.

V Sridhar composes the lack of melodies tunes to ruin the ears’ pleasures. Would you go after giving them hearing? Absolutely not at all!

HM Krishnamurthy does ordinary job with the acting. Sushma is okay. Shweta Pandit is average. Rest of the cast is poor with the acting job.


The film is laced with oomph factor. It is a poor fiesta to be best avoided.

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