Josettante Hero – Movie Review

Movie Title – Josettante Hero

Cast: Anoop Menon, Vijayaraghavan and Ashokan

Director: K.K Haridas

Producer: Salmara Mohammed Shareef

Music: Sajan K Ram

[xrr rating=4/5]


Salmara Mohammed Shareef takes the production seat to churn out this flick, which has been directed by K.K Haridas and stars Anoop Menon, Vijayaraghavan and Ashokan in the main roles. The music of this Malayalam movie has been arranged by Sajan K Ram.

Josettante Hero is a brilliantly executed film that carries the good storyline and the screenplay to rave big about. The director’s potential can be viewed and judged from this point that he does not leave any loophole where the audience gets bored and are left to yawn. The film is laced with the interest quotient alive from the beginning reels till the climax and that is the beauty of the movie. The director and the script writer deserve bigger applauds on this.

The drams flick was being awaited by the Malayalm audiences. The wait was being done since the hype was created by the makers of the movie in a manner that ignited the likings inside the moviegoers. The anxious cine buffs became more curious for the unwrapping of the product post the publicity and this was what the makers and the marketers of this item wanted.

This curiosity took the masses to the theaters upon the release but the powerful thing and the most lucrative thing for the audiences was that they did not repent on their decision to spend money on the film’s ticket since the movie was well-made and enticed them fully.

Josettante Hero talks about the behind the camera and the doors of the film industry life. What happens behind the closed doors of this swanky world? The flick pours light on the revealing of the stories of the film fraternity and lets the viewers see what happens behind the film productions?

It is an interesting voyage that every movie buff wants to know – since it is the curiosity level of the cinegoers to peep into the lives and behind the doors stories of the stars and this is what has been presented on the screen to let the common masses know.

The director K.K Haridas does brilliant job and impresses the cine buffs with his super and creative skills. The story is great. Screenplay is fabulously written and holds values. Cinematography and editing are first rate. Music is mellifluous and the tunes have been arranged as per the mood of the film.

Anoop Menon, the main character of the film, does super job by delivering the applaud-able performance. Vijayaraghavan is appealing. Other cast does fine job too.


The film ‘Josettante Hero’ is a well-made flick that holds attention and interest for the viewers. It has to be viewed.

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