Journey – Movie Review

Movie Title: Journey

Cast: Sharwanand, Ananya, Jai and Anjali

Director: Saravanan

Producer: Suresh Kondeti

Music: Sathya C

Genre: Drama

[xrr rating=3/5]


Suresh Kondeti produces this flick, ‘Journey’ which was being quite awaited by the Telugu audience. Saravanan directs this venture that stars Sharwanand, Ananya, Jai and Anjali in the main protagonists’ roles. The movie has been on the headlines due to its storyline and the promotional activities by the makers. Sathya C is the man behind the composition of this film album.

Journey happens to be the debut vehicle for Saravanan, who is the captain of the ship. And this man does not show at all that he is making his directorial debut with this outing since he executes the flick like an experienced director. This is the ability of the filmmaker who has potential to make his mark in the industry. And his dexterity will make him see his success in the days to come. The way, he brings the human emotions on the silver screen is what all and sundry praise high about!

Journey is a fusion of love, emotions and entertainment. Thus you can watch it and enjoy it all at the same time. The script is full of life though there are a bit of flaws there but those are ignorable. Journey is a dubbed version of Engeyum Eppothum (Tamil flick) that is the production of AR Murugadoss.

The movie talks about two young couples who happen to be entirely opposite to each other in nature. Nonetheless they like spending the happy life together. A road accident takes place between the two buses when they collide each other near Suryapeta village at a highway. This accident changes the lives of these two couples altogether. The flick then gradually slips into the flashbacks where the love saga between the two couples (portrayed by Sharwanand & Ananya and Jai and Anjali) is shown cursorily.

The director, showing his skills, gets the viewer glued to the screen with his realistic approach. The script’s expertise lies in the fact that every character of the film has its own value. The script gets attention-grabbing because of the human sentiments in the movie. The film revolves around the emotions, which make the connection to the viewers’ hearts. And here the director works and the film grows with the audiences. The execution of the script on the celluloid is catchy and wonderfully done.

The two main pillars of the movie – script and direction, they work supremely fine and the best thing about the movie is that other portions of the film too go well such as performances, music and the technical departments.

The cinematography by Velraj is apt – the camera movements are appreciable. The editing by Kishore is crispy there is no flaw at all in this portion. Music is mellifluous and grows on the ears.

Sharwanand looks great in his portrayal of Gautam. He enacts the job brilliantly. Ananya deserves distinction marks. Anjali reveals beauty and talent all at the same time. Jai dolls up the part luminously.


If you want to enjoy the feel good cinema and heart-touching film, then do watch Journey since it carries the emotional saga that allures the hearts.

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