Kadhal Pisase – Movie Review

Movie Title – Kadhal Pisase

Producer-Director: Aravindan

Cast: Aravindan, Anitha Reddy and Midhuna

[xrr rating=1/5]

Tamil Movie Kadhal Pisase releases today to allure the audiences. But the question hits the mind whether it has potential to interest the viewers? Well, to get the answer, go on reading the review. The leading actor of the movie Aravindan does various jobs at this junction – he acts in the film, produces it and then directs it. No harm in having various tasks at one platform – but shouldn’t one think prior to making the attempts whether one has potential to justify all the jobs fetched to doll up? Guess, Aravindan has not thought even for a moment on this question. Had he thought of it, he would not have gone with it.

Kadhal Pisase carries a predictable story and mundane script and poor performances by the leading stars. The film is weak from tip to toe. No portion or anything of the film allures you and you begin regretting as to why you have spent your hard-earned money on buying the ticket for this super poor film.

The film carries a mix of action and romance to balance the fiesta for the entertainment of the viewers. The director tried hard to inject the whole ingredients and spices required to make a delicious film for the entertainment of the cinegoers but forgot to think over the fact that everything has to be well in proportion.

Anitha Reddy and Midhuna easy the female leads in this film that also carries the comedian Santhanam. The story idea though seems to be old looks enticing but the treatment is very poor.

The movie talks about Aravindhan who hails from a poor family. His higher studies are sponsored by a philanthropist. Much to interest, he loves his classmate who happens to be the daughter of his sponsor. Somehow he is coerced to land in Mumbai where he turns a don. Education then takes the back seat and arms come into hands. Life changes altogether. Romance vanishes from the life.

Aravind’s direction is much weak. Story is okay but scripting is super lackluster. Editing portion is supremely disappointing. Cinematography is not appealing.

Aravind as an actor allures somewhat than the rest of the starcast. Midhuna is just about okay. Anitha Reddy is passable. Others in the movie do not try to interest you at all.

Final Verdict:

In a capsule, Kadhal Pisase is the biggest boring and poor movie. Better to be avoided.

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