Kattupuli – Movie Review

Movie Title – Kattupuli

Cast: Arjun, Rajneesh, Amith, Jahan, Sayali Bhagat and Jennifer

Director: Tinu Varma
Vijay Varma

[xrr rating=1/5]

Kattupuli, Tamil movie, releases today in theaters. Directed by the famed action director Tinu Verma, the film stars the likes of Arjun, Rajneesh, Dhanya, Biyanka Desai, Sayali Bhagat, Amith, Jahan and Jennifer. Since the action hero Arjun is in the main lead, the expectations of the viewers turn sky-high. And when the stunt choreographer Tinu directs the flick, the cinegoers start considering the product a lavish one with plentiful dose of action to enjoy with. Well, now the question hits the mind whether the film lives up to the cinegoers’ expectations? The answer is a strict ‘No’. The film is a mundane project despite having the presence of the action hero Arjun and being directed by the stunt choreographer Tinu Verma.

The execution of the film is good. It is appealing and the viewers find it alluring. But what will the writer do when he is letdown by the ordinary story and the screenplay to work on. The story-telling on the celluloid turns simply devastating when the script is weak and lifeless. The same is the case with Kattupuli.

The film has been shot in forest where Dr. Sanjay (Arjun) and better half (Biyanka Desai) along with Anjali (Dhanya) and a kid land in to enjoy picnic. All of them suddenly get struck in the jungle. Later another couple joins in them there. They are unable to find a way out of the forest. Then they all have to face the mysterious events coming in their way there. The bonding develops among all and they now start knowing each other. They now decide to face this tough situation and find a way out of the forest. But on their way, they stumble upon a dangerous gang involved in murdering the people. They all escape to save their lives. Dr. Sanjay then fastens the belts to settle the scores with the gang to save his family and the couple.

There is no novelty in story. We have witnessed these kinds of stories many a time in past and keep on doing so as well. We have grown up with these types sagas watching on celluloid. The writers must have come up with some unique concept. Since the director of the movie is stunt choreographer, the story and the script have to be according to his power. Rather than writing a story basing in forest, there should be some other kind of action-packed story where Tinu Verma could show his mastery skills.

The direction of the movie is average – it is not as sparking as was being expected. Well, the main culprit is not the director rather the writer. Cinematography is average. Editing is not apt. Music by Vijay Verma is pretty okay.

Arjun is the one who impresses with his acting and fighting skills. Rest of the cast is pretty ordinary. Biyanka Desai is average. Sayali Bhagat is okay. Rajnish is below average. Jennifer is passable.


In a capsule, Kattupuli is a weak outing all the way with poor story and ordinary script.

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