Kolaveri Di features Rajnikanth

Well, the song, ‘Kolaveri Di’ has been high on heels of popularity among the whole nation. The most interesting thing about the song’s fame is that it is not only getting popular at the land from where it belongs but also in other parts of the country as well. The song’s popularity has reached even to Bollywood film industry as well. It has captured the whole nation into the magic. The search engines are equipped with the mammoth amount of search about this song.

The keywords have been generated for Kolaveri Di and the news items are being written around them. In a capsule, it has made the south film industry utterly popular in the world.

The latest we heard about the song is that the superstar Rajnikanth would be seen in the visuals of this song. Rajni reportedly praised higher for the track and given blessings to daughter Aishwarya and son-in-law Dhanush for making this number super popular.

Both Aishwarya and Dhanush got hugely happy after listening the praises from Rajnikanth that they could not hold themselves more and requested Rajni to be a part of the song. Thus Rajni said ‘yes’ and made his special brief appearance on the song.

Once the visuals are live, the fans would be able to see Rajnikanth in the song.

Earlier today we heard the legendary lyricist of Bollywood Javed Akhtar talking against the song. Akhtar termed the song ‘substandard’ in terms of music, singing and lyrics. He mentioned that thanks to aggressive publicity that made the song hugely popular else it had nothing to rave big about.

The whole Indian nation has been after the song like crazy lovers. The track’s popularity keeps on multiplying day by day. And now the song will be more popular as Rajni has made his special appearance on the song.

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