Kolaveri Di song on T-shirts, buy them to wear

Kolaveri Di, Dhanush’s song has been making bigger waves in the media, over the web and in the entire world. The song has become all the rage. The national and international sensation has fetched huge listeners and the fans not only in India but also from overseas. Dhanush has turned mega star with the popularity of this song.

As per the reports, Kolaveri Di has crossed more than 10 million hits online. Where this song is witnessing endless contents being written on it, it also sees the international press scribbling down the praiseworthy articles on it.

Now a company has come up to encash the popularity of the song by launching the T-shirts about this song. Now the fans of the song can wear the t-shirts featuring the nonsensical lyrics of the song.

One of the T-shirts carries ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ on it written in big letters. LS Everything, the company tags the price as Rs. 249 for this shirt. Another shirt that features more lyrics of the song with heart and devil horns mentioned on it. This has been targeted with the price tag of Rs. 349 each.

There is one more T-shirt that has the whole song designed on it. The price of the same has not been mentioned by the manufacturer. The huge sale of these shirts is being witnessed in India and abroad like big orders have been coming from USA, UK, Canada and Brazil.

The song has also been getting mammoth criticism from many people like the famed lyricist Javed Akhtar termed it substandard’. He said that everything of this song – from music, singing to lyrics, is poor nonetheless the song became mega hit. He said that thanks to the media and online promotions that make these poor things popular. Amitabh Bachchan on the other hand praised Dhanush for singing this popular number.

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