Kondan Koduthan – Movie Review

Movie Title – Kondan Koduthan

Producer: P Bharathy and Master Sriram

Director: G Rajendran

Cast: Kathirkaman, Advaitha, Ilavarasu, Ganja Karuppu, Sulakshana and Meera Krishnan

Music: Deva

[xrr rating=1/5]

Kondan Koduthan, a Tamil movie, releases with vigor. We have been seeing a number of action movies so far on the celluloid but this one comes up with an altogether different subject to watch. The film talks about family values and relationships. G Rajendran directs this venture and this product of him centers around an emotional theme which seems quite interesting apparently. The movie stars Kathirkaman, Advaitha, Ilavarasu, Ganja Karuppu, Sulakshana and Meera Krishnan.

The subject is without any doubt is novel and seems attention grabbing but the scripting is lackluster. It does not have any oomph value and the convincing power to make the viewers glued to the screens. The director seems lack of skills of presenting the story on celluloid.

Kondan Koduthan talks about a village. Rasu (Kathirkaman) happens to be a Kabbadi player and he and Sevandhi (Advaitha) are geared up to marry. She is Rasu’s uncle daughter. All is smooth until that time when Rasu’s sister’s marriage gets failed with Sevandhi’s brother. This ends up with a big enmity between both parents. Thus the family separates then.

The direction by G Rajendran fails to generate the liking for the film inside the viewers. The director adds sparkles to only one thing and that is yawning which is quite seen among the cinegoers, who keep on getting bored with the outcome on screen. Story idea is good but the script is quite bad having no life at all to impress the viewers.

Cinematography is strictly average. Editing is poor. Music by Deva is just about okay. There is no song which is hummable and attractive to the ears.

Kathirkaman does average job with acting. Advaitha is gorgeous but as far as acting is concerned, she is plain average. Rest of the cast is okay.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Kondan Koduthan is a boring film that should be avoided.

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