Kunjaliyan – Movie Review

Movie Title – Kunjaliyan

Cast: Jayasurya, Ananya and Maniyan Pilla Raju

Director: Saji Surendran

Producer: Tomichan Mulakupadom

Genre: Comedy

[xrr rating=4/5]

Tomichan Mulakupadom’s produced comic caper has been directed by Saji Surendran. The film has hit the screens and stars Jayasurya, Ananya and Maniyan Pilla Raju in the pivotal characters. The Malayalam movie was well received by the viewers who were waiting for the release of the movie.

Since the subject of the film is comedy that was the main reason of the audiences to wait for the release. The comic capers are always awaited but the fact remain that not all comedies work at the theaters and among the masses. To make a comedy, the knowledge and the skill of the art is required. The apt expertise is what that makes the movie workable. Besides a good storyline and screenplay in addition to the execution of the script on screen is needed to allure the audience.

Well, Kunjaliyan is laced with all to impress today’s intelligent audience. The director and the writer of the movie are fully aware of the fact that today’s audience does not live in the past rather reside in today’s world that is fast and advanced where exposure to everything is vivid. The director and the writer put the minds together to create such a superb plot to make a movie on! The final product really worked big time.

Jayasurya is the central character that gets larger focus throughout the movie. He plays the role a loveable youngest brother of the three sisters.

When all of his sisters are married, he is coined the term ‘Kunjaliyan’. His all brother-in-laws do not like him at all and they also do not like their wives to shower their love and affection on their youngest brother. But when Jayasurya gets rich, all the brother-in-laws change their attitude and begin bestowing and showering their affection on him. From here the true comic caper begins to shoot.

The direction by Saji Surendran is a class in itself. The director is potentially marvelous with the ability to fix the viewers to the screen till the climax. The presentation of the comic script on celluloid is simply awesome. The writer deserves applauds as well.

Cinematography is superb. Editing is great. Other departments of the film too appear fabulous.

The performances are noteworthy. Jayasurya stands tall among all the performers by delivering the goods aptly on screen. He lures the souls with true attractive performance. Ananya looks fine with the role. Rest of the cast too does fine.


On the whole, Kunjaliyan is a magnum opus. It is a brilliantly made comedy that deserves to be watched.




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