Leelai – Movie Review

Movie Title – Leelai

Producer: Ramesh Babu

Director: Andrew Louis

Cast: Shiv Pandit, Manasi and Santhanam

Music: Satish Chakravarthy

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

Leelai, the Tamil movie, releases with vigor. Directed and scripted by Andrew Louis, the movie stars Shiv Pandit, Manasi and Santhanam in main leads. The film was launched in 2008 but due to some circumstances, it got delayed and now in year 2012 it has been released for the entertainment of the audiences. Now the question hits the minds whether the movie is potentially entertaining for the viewers who spend hard-earned money on buying tickets? Well, to get the answer – why not to read the review!

The romantic flick with good dose of humor has been targeted to the youth. The youngsters will certainly fall in love with the film. But for the mature audiences, it does not have any good scope to enjoy or extract the joys from. The plot of the movie is not novel rather the age-old formula has been used to make the movie on.

Karthik (Shiv Pandit) is a happy fun-loving guy who loves romancing the women. Malar (Mansi) studies at the college where Karthik is enrolled. They cross each others’ paths but the love does not develop between the two. Post the college life, Malar comes into professional front and starts working at a computer organization in HR department. Karthik joins in this firm. Twists in the tale emerge. Karthik decides to win Malar’s heart. What happens next is what forms the climax of the movie?

As mentioned before, the novelty does not exist in the plot and the script of the movie. The age-old formula is in use, which is certainly impressive for the youngsters but is not digestible for the mature viewers. The writer should have come up with some unique stuff to make a romantic saga on.

Direction by Andrew Louis is attractive and appealing. He is a good storyteller and gets the viewers fixed to the cinema screens. Dialogues are attention-grabbing. Cinematography is crispy. Editing is okay. Music by Satish Chakravarthy is melodious and some of the songs glide on the ears.

Newcomers Dhiv Pandit and Manasi deliver the goods aptly on screen. They are fine actors and can have a good future in cinema provided that they keep on learning the art. Santhanam generates the humor well and you love watching him. Rest of the cast is okay.

Final Verdict:

Leelai is a good product for the youngsters but for the mature audiences, it is strictly a below average movie.

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