Magadi – Movie Review

Movie Title – Magadi

Producer: Ba Ma Harish

Director: Suresh Goswami

Cast: Deepak, Rakshitha, Shilpa, Sureschandra  and Padma Vasanthi among others

Music: Rajesh Ramanathan

[xrr rating=1/5]

Kannada movie ‘Magadi’ hits the screens having the dashing hero of the industry Deepak and opposite him the dusky beauty Rakshita enacting the main lead. Directed by Suresh Goswami, the film also stars Shilpa, Sureschandra and Padma Vasanthi among others. Rajesh Ramanathan scores the music for the film album.

Magadi is not novel at all in terms of content which is the life of every movie. With usual run of the mill story, the film talks about a young boy Magadi (Deepak) who has his childhood friend Pavithra (Rakshitha). Destiny gets them separated in their childhood and then both of them grow up at different places – Magadi under a don whereas Pavithra under the auspices of a prostitute.

Magadi never wants to forget his love Pavithra, so he keeps looking for her. There is a song Naavaduva Nudiye Kannada Nudi that appears to be a link between the two. Thus one day, he happens to be a protector of Pavithra at a prostitute house but he never knows that his love is inside the house and he is also unaware of the fact that he is actually protecting Pavithra. While sleeping at prostitute’s house, he trills the same song and this track brings the estranged lovers unit. There is an enemy waiting for taking revenge from Magadi. What happens next forms the climax of the film.

Suresh Goswami seems to be mundane with the job of direction. He has no potential at all to bind the viewers to the seats and make their eyes glued to the screens. The yawning is easily witnessed among the viewers and the faces of the cinegoers get withered about the fact that they spent the money on this poorly made film.

The story is run of the mill and the script is laced with flaws. The cinematography by S Ramesh is just about okay. The editing is average. Music by Rajesh Ramanathan is not pleasing at all. The biggest flaw of the movie is that Deepak carries the image of an action hero whereas in this film, he has not been portrayed on the lines. He only wants to look his lost love – that’s it. The director has not made him act well or he himself could not act well with required expressions.

Deepak is not in his elements and does not attract the viewers. Rakshitha is average. Rest of the cast is just about okay.

Final Verdict:

Magadi is a poor film from all respects and should best be avoided.

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