Mambattiyan – Movie Review

Movie Title: Mambattiyan

Cast: Prashanth Thyagarajan, Meera Jasmine, Kotta Srinivasa Rao, Vijayakumar and Mumaith Khan

Director  & Producer: Thyagarajan

Music: Thaman S.

Genre: Action

[xrr rating=3/5]

Directed and produced by Thyagarajan, Mambattiyan features Prashanth Thyagarajan, Meera Jasmine, Kotta Srinivasa Rao, Vijayakumar and Mumaith Khan in the pivotal roles. The film has music by Thaman S.

Tamil movie Mambattiyan is the remake version of Malaiyur Mambattiyan. In this Tamil version, the main protagonist’s character has been conferred to Prashanth Thyagarajan who enacts Mambattiyan. To give it the touch of uniqueness, the director very carefully and creatively makes the story and the sequences of the film different than of the original. The flick also showcases the modern graphical sequences to grab the attention of the viewers. In a capsule, Thyagarajan has executed the movie with such aplomb that the viewer does not find it the remake version of Malaiyur Mambattiyan and that is the beauty of the movie and the director who knows his job best.

Usually when the remakes are made in every film industry, they are normally the same in story and scenes and sometime carry a bit of difference but carry most of the parts and the script same as the original. But this man is a class in himself, as he does a fine job to dish out the product in unique style to the audiences so that they can take the pleasures utterly.

By the time, the audiences leave the theaters, they carry the movie home along and there is a sign of excitement on their face.

Mambattiyan is a Prashanth’s show altogether since he is seen everywhere in the film but the good thing is that he does not get your bored or seeing him in every other frame does not leave you yawning while seated in theater. Both father (director Thyagarajan) and son (actor Prashanth Thyagarajan) join hand together in the remake version since the father sits on director’s chair and the son delivers the acting goods in this fiesta.

The film talks about Mambattiyan (Prashant) who lives in a remote rural area (village) situated in the Western district of Tamil Nadu where a power Zamindaar (Kotta Srinivasa Rao) also resides. This Zamindar is quite greedy and Mambaityaan’s father (Vijayakumar) always opposes him. Zamindaar finds it quite difficult facing the opposition of Mambaittyan’s father. Thus a scheme is planned and Mambattiyan’s father gets murdered by the Zamindaar.

Mambattiyan then slaughters the Zamindaar and his entire family in revenge. Post the killings, he takes shelter in a forest where some men join him and this way a group is shaped that begin doing good. Kanathal (Meera Jasmine) starts loving Mambattiyan and the romance blossoms. When the police come to know about his whereabouts, the senior cop Ranjith (Prakashraj) starts chasing him.

As mentioned above, Thyagarajan executes the flick brilliantly on the screen though the script is not exceptional but the execution is wonderful. The story and screenplay, though not novel, but capture the attention of the viewers. And for the viewers of south, this type of script works better. Music by Thaman S is melodious. Cinematography is eye-pleasing though in some frames, the camera work seems shaky.

Prashanth Thyagarajan does the brilliant job of acting. He is everywhere on the celluloid but impresses with acting. Meera Jasmine looks pretty and delivers fine acting. Kotta Srinivasa Rao and Vijayakumar appear good with the roles. Mumaith Khan is fine as well.


On the whole, Mambattiyan is a well-executed flick that carries the potential to allure the audiences.


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