Mazhaikalam – Movie Review

Movie Title: Mazhaikalam

Director: S Deepan

Cast: Sreeram and Saranya

[xrr rating=1/5]

The Tamil film, ‘Mazhaikalam’ has released and the film was already in bigger news due to the climax scene where the leading lady of the movie gets nude. This has already fetched much attention of the moviegoers and people wanted to view it. The debutante director S Deepan has executed this vehicle that stars Sreeram and Saranya in the pivotal roles.

The flick is a mundane venture and has not attraction at all. The execution is not up to the mark and story is pretty old. Script is boring and carries flaws. Saranya who has enticed the filmgoers in Peranami enacts the leading gal of the flick. There are even talks against the title of the movie – many analysts are of the view as to why this title has been chosen for the film whereas it does not suite the movie.

The story is based upon relationship between two young lovers. It talks how the hidden truth causes much trauma to the lovers’ affair. Direction fails as the film carries a touching romantic drama but the director misses out the right emotions on screen.

Vijay (Sreeram) is from the affluent family and he starts loving Sophie (Saranya) who is the student of Fine Arts in a college. When Vijay is on the verge to declare his love to Sophie (he is under the impression that she too loves him a lot), he gets the bigger shock of his life. Sophie refuses his proposal. When he asks the reason of the refusal, she refused to disclose it and now Vijay is on way to find it out.

Deepan’s direction is pretty failure having no potential at all to attract the moviegoers. He is not a good storyteller. He has to get the grip over the art. As he is a newcomer, he can get the grip by the passage of time provided that he takes the matter seriously. Story is boring and script is filled with flaws. Cinematography of the movie is good. Editing is okay. Music is time-pass.

Sreeram looks good and attracts with his dancing skills and fight scenes. Saranya enacts well. Rest of the cast is just about okay.

Final verdict:

Mazhaikalam is as bitter as poison. The film offers nothing attractive so it is better to sit back home enjoying some good show on TV.

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