Mouna Guru – Movie Review

Movie Title: Mouna Guru


Cast: Arulnidhi, Iniya and John Vijay

Director-Screenplay-Dialogues: Sandhakumar

Producer: Mu. Ka. Tamizharasu

Music: Thaman S.

Genre: Drama

[xrr rating=1/5]


Mu. Ka. Tamizharasu’s produced flick, ‘Mounna Guru’ is the directed venture by Sandhakumar and features the likes of Arulnidhi, Iniya and John Vijay in the main protagonists’ roles. The film’s album has been stockpiled none other than by Thams S. who is quite coveted in the Tamil entertainment industry. He is seen often sitting on the musician’s chair in every other film made on Tamil front.

Sandhakumar, who has directed this vehicle, also writes the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film. A man with multi talents, this is what he shows off at this junction. But the question hits the mind whether he succeeds in displaying all of his talents on the celluloid aptly? Well, the answer is lemon! As the saying goes, ‘Jack of all trades, and master of none’. The same goes with Sandhakumar who lacks in his jobs – all of his tasks show pretty obvious holes which even the layman or an ordinary viewer can witness. This is the biggest weakness of this product that makes the movie a big lackluster.

A script is the main life of any film and here not only the script is poor rather the story, execution and other portions of the movie too appear weak.

If you want to see the audiences yawning in the theaters, then slip into the hall to be a part of yawning fiesta otherwise be cautious and save your hard earned money to spend on some other thing or eating.

In this Tamil flick ‘Mouna Guru’, Vamsam famed Arulnidhi essays the leading character in this offering. With an offbeat subject, the film carries the commercial elements forcibly injected into the narrative to make it enticing for the viewers. But when something is penetrated by force, do you think the outcome can be interesting or attention-grabbing? Well, ofcourse not! This the director and script writer (unfortunately both jobs are done by one man) could not figure out whereas it is a universal formula that forced things do not work but Sandhakumar took his eyes off it!

Arulnidhi witnessed good debut with ‘Vamsam’ and the following on ‘Udhayan’ appeared a big failure at the box office. He was in a need of hit but unfortunately the actor, who was looking a blockbuster in form of Mouna Guru, faced another failure.

Arulnidhi enacts a college student, who is a silent guy until he witnesses the wrong doings of the law enforcement authorities. Here the movie finds the twist in a tale. He comes across a number of bad incidents that shake him completely. He even gets shattered and physically broken. Then he stands to face the adversities. The movie pours light on Arulnidhi altogether.

Sandhakumar’s debut vehicle proves mundane for him. His execution, though has some elements of attention-gripping, but overall direction is a lackluster. The film gets lethargic at various points. The viewers loses the interest from the beginning reels and till the finale, they keep on searching anything interesting to carry back home. MaheshMuthusamy’s cinematography is good. Thaman S.’s music is just about okay.

Arulnidhi does his part with finesse. His anger, emotional acting and the facial expression work big time with the audiences. Iniya looks good and enacts well. John Vijay is fine as well.


Mouna Guru is a weak fare that is best to be avoided. There is no novelty in script. With poor execution, screenplay and story – the film has nothing to offer.


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