Nanban – Movie Review

Movie Title – Nanban

Star Cast: Vijay, Srikanth, Jeeva, Ileana, Sathyaraj, Sathyan and others.
Director: Shankar
Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
Producer: Gemini Film Circuit

[xrr rating=4/5]

The remake of the Hindi blockbuster of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s produced 3 Idiots, Nanban has been well in news and every eye was fixed on the release of the movie. And finally the wait is over since the flick hit the screens with much oomph and vigor. The Tamil version of 3 Idiots made biggest waves on the opening day. As per the reports, the tickets were sold like hot cakes and still the advance bookings are going on.

Shankar’s directed venture is filled with twists, fun, gripping storyline, great dialogues, spongy music, brilliant execution and the serious message the movie leaves for the audiences at the end.

The saga of the movie is uttered in a flashback mode by Venkata Ramakrishnan (Srikanth). The frame opens with the two characters Venkata Ramakrishnan (Srikanth) and Sevalkodi Senthil (Jeeva) who become the victim of ragging since the seniors at the college get them to shake the hips in their underwear only.  Arrives into the scene Panchavan aka Pappu (Vijay) who is fetched into the business of ragging by the seniors but luckily he manages to escape from the scene.

The college’s Principal Virumandi Sandanam (Sathyaraj) aka Virus is the one whose utter belief of success lies in speedy education. His philosophy gets shaken when he bumps into Panchavan whose simple yet beneficial philosophy runs on getting excellence in the work not running after success since he is of the view that success automatically comes along when you get excellence. In their every confrontation, Panchavan succeeds and this adds more hate in Virus’ heart for him.

In the midst of all happening, he comes across Ria (Illeana D’Cruz), who is the daughter of the college’s principal. Panchavan proves to Ria that her boyfriend is not an apt fit for her and when he does so, the love begin oozing out between the two. Till now the differences between the principal and Panchavan have reached to the maximum height. Sandanam finds himself utterly powerless since he could not do anything as Panchavan happens to be the topper in the college.

Although it is a remake of 3 Idiots but Shankar has done slightly changes into the narrative as per the taste of the Tamil viewers. He did not go for doing major changes since it might have done big damage to the classy theme of the movie.

Direction is fabulous. Shankar has executed the story on the screen with such brilliance that the viewer even could not look at the watch throughout the film’s flow. The audiences could not blink the eyes and got them fixed to the screen. The film is an utter entertainer that injects pleasures from the first reel till the last.

The script is flawless. You even cannot take any flaw out of script or direction and even from other departments of the movie as well. The cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is first rate. Editing is crispy. Music scored by Harris Jayaraj is simply mellifluous.

Vijay enacts the leading role (Aamir played in 3 Idiots) with super class and energy. He is really a big treat to watch. Both Srikanth and Jeeva doll up the acting with finesse. They act the parts which R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi had played in the original Hindi version. Illeana looks stupendous, sizzling, sexy and gorgeous. She acts the meaty role with aplomb. Sathyaraj apltly does the role. Rest of the cast fills the bill too.


Shankar has every reason to smile since his Nanban loots the hearts of the viewers. It is a well made brilliant film that should not be missed – a MUST WATCH.

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