Nayanthara refuses The Dirty Picture – Mahesh Babu to become another Rajnikanth

Chennai: The Dirty Picture’s remake is going to be churned out in south now where it actually belongs as the main character, on which the movie is based, Silk Smitha was from regional cinema. Rumors have been making the rounds that the ravishing and dusky beauty Nayanthara has been approached by the makers to enact the leading role in the south remake of Vidya Balan’s blockbuster The Dirty Picture.

The rumors also say that Nayanthara was approached post the denial from the actress Anushka Shetty who was earlier contacted by the producers but she simply turned down the offer. When asked, Nayanthara said that she was not contacted yet by anyone for this movie.

But when asked whether she was interested in doing this leading role which took Vidya Balan to heights of success, the gorgeous actress said that she was not interested at all in dolling up this character.

It is weird that the south actresses have been turning down the offer of the remake of The Dirty Picture whereas they all know that how successful this film was and how much successful Vidya got from this movie?

On the other hand, we often witness that the south stars even the superstars of regional cinema find it very hard to make their presence felt in north cinema (Bollywood) but there is one man from south who ruled the north industry equally and is still loved there. He is none other than superstar Rajnikanth. Now another south superstar is on way to fetch this place from Rajni – he is Mahesh Babu who recently did a commercial for Thums Up. Although his voice was dubbed, but the ad got good response from the audiences there. Now his Bollywood debut will tell whether he turns another Rajnikanth, who looted Bollywood scene in his heydays, or not.

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