Nischal Chandra is now a free man

For Nischal Chandra, May 29 must have been the greatest time of his life since this is the day that he gets annulled with the actress Kavya Madhavan.  When he goes out in a family court, some people shook his hands and said that he is now a free man.


Indeed, this is the happiest day of his life since he is now a free man, free from his wife and is now out of jail.  Nischal said that it is about time that other people have finally opened their mind and believe on the other story between him and his former wife.


Nischal has been accused of battery by his wife back in 2009.  Since Kavya is an actress, the media were all on her side.  With all the lies that has been said against him it is no wonder why almost everyone hates him back in those days.  A good example is that the press has referred to him as uneducated man when he is in fact an educated person.  E finished two master’s degrees: one in telecommunication engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, and an added degree in management science from Stanford University, California.


Nischal is able to work on top companies like Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, and Merrill Lynch while in New York.  He is also the Technology Adviser for a leading bank in Kuwait.  The media never listened to his version of the story since he isn’t a celebrity and no one will be interested on him.


Even up to now, most people look at him as if he was a bum, a person who doesn’t have a job or not capable or having a job.


Nischal is unable to discuss about the reason why his marriage with the Kavya has taken him into the court.  One thing that he could tell is that the impact of “Domestic Violence Act” helps a person to be in touch with his family.


Although Nischal was ready for a long battle with his former wife, he had to forget about it since his entire family could be drag into the case as well.  He wouldn’t want to bring his family in jail with him.


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