Onde Ondu Saari – Movie Review

Movie Title- Onde Ondu Saari

Cast: Akash, Kishore Shetty, Ramesh, Shwetha Rao and Prashanth

Director-Story-Screenplay and Dialogues: Praveen Thokkottu

Producer: Pravindkumar Konchadi

Music: Rajesh M.

Genre: Drama

[xrr rating=1/5]


Onde Ondu Saari is called the one man show. Yes, it is! Why? This is because a one man called Praveen Thokkottu is behind many jobs of this film, as he directs this venture, writes story for the film, pens screenplay on his own created story and then writes dialogues on the script. Don’t you think, it is a one man show? Guess, it is! Pravindkumar Konchadi is the producer of this venture that features Akash, Kishore Shetty, Ramesh, Shwetha Rao and Prashanth in leading roles. Rajesh M is the one who stockpiles the tunes for the film album.

The film lacks big time on the story and screenplay of the movie – both do not have any life at all. This is the universal formula that when the script alone is lifeless, the film falls flat and in this case, not only script is mundane but also the story suffers a lot. Additionally the movie lacks in other portions as well such as the direction, cinematography, music and the ilks. So who to blame singlehandedly where there are many culprits involved spoiling the food?

The execution does not have the grip over the audiences to get them stay till the finale. The viewers soon seem tired even the tiredness begin showing on the faces of the viewers in the first half and when the second half starts, the audiences find the desire to leave the theater. Admit, there are certain frames of the movie, which hold values and are well-executed but overall result is below average. Above all, when the script lacks the punch, the execution alone cannot do anything at all.

Onde Ondu Saari is the tale of four people – three guys and a one girl. Three guys who are in love with one girl and then the game of sacrifice begins among all. The same age-old formula that the viewers have been witnessing it on screen since the outset.

The film’s theme is to test the love and it is often costs you higher in life. This is what the flick is all about. The over confident leading guy of the movie has to pay penalty when he goes for testing the tru love.

Ramesh (Ramesh) is deep in love with Amoolya (Shweta Rao). He wants to test the true love and places a condition that he and Ammolya will not have any kind of contact between them for six months’ time. There would not be any kind of contact between them – telephonic, physical or any kind. Amoolya agrees but hesitantly to satisfy her lover since he wants to test the true love between them.  Ramesh happens to be a car mechanic whereas Amoolya is a teacher at a school.

Ramesh has two friends – Akash and Kishore. Both of his friends, during this time, start loving Amoolya. When Akash knows that Kisohre loves the girl, he wants to sacrifice and when Kishore explores that Akash likes the girl, he wants to sacrifice. The game of sacrifices starts here. And there comes Ramesh to let the friends know that Amoolya actually loves him not them at all. This shocks the two pals and when Ammolya comes to know all this, she gets into trouble since Ramesh has done so to test the true love.

Ammolya turns down Ramesh’s love and he goes for taking poison.

The story is not novel at all, as we have seen it a number of times on screen. The script is a big lackluster as it does not have any life at all. The execution of the story on screen is further attention-spoiling. The comedy has been injected into the narrative that simply appears to be injected forcibly. It does not work at all. Since in this type of subject, the film does not require any action but why it has been thrown into, weird?

Music is disaster. Cinematography fails to generate any worth.

The leading performers of the movie –  Ramesh, Shwetha Rao, Akash and Kishore Shetty  all disappoint with their below average performances.


On the whole, Onde Ondu Saari fails to impress the viewers. From script to direction, the film lacks in all portions.


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