Oo La La La – Movie Review

Movie Title – Oo La La La

Director: Jothikrishna

Cast: Jothikrishna and Preeti Bhandari

Music: Sekar Chandra

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

Oo La La La, the Tamil flick that hits the screens today, is the debut vehicle of the filmmaker A M Jothikrishna who is the son of the famous producer A M Ratnam. Jothikrishna has shown his filmmaking skills with the flicks such as Enakku 20 Unakku 18 and Kedi. Now he is turning an actor to let the masses know that he holds these skills as well.

The film’s title Oo La La La stands for Oorvasi, Latha, Lalitha and Lavanya. The film has been targeted at the youngsters and talks about the romantic and flirting life of the leading man. Divya Bhandari enacts the leading woman of the flick whereas Thalaivasal Vijay, Ganja Karuppu and Sekar Prasa also play the major parts.

The direction is not extraordinary but holds the attention of the moviegoers. The viewers can stay with the film till the climax. The movie is potentially good. Plot is average and you cannot rate it super high since we have been viewing the movies of this kind since the outset. Screenplay is gripping but carries few flaws.

Surya (Jothikrishna) happens to be a fun loving guy who loves the company of the women. He wooes the girls. But call it his bad luck or anything else, no girl comes to his company rather avoids him. One day he bumps into Preethi (Divya Bhandari) soon they become pals. And very soon this girl starts loving him. She is quite serious in this relationship but when she comes to know about the flirting habits of Surya and his motives, she gets annoyed over him. Surya realizes his mistakes and now wants to overcome them. But now it is too late.

Direction is good, you cannot say that it is bad and holds no attention rather it carries weight. But as mentioned earlier it is not exceptional. Story is just about okay since we have grown up watching these kinds of movies. The story of this film is no exception. It carries the same formula. The script is powerful and makes the viewers sit and watch the reels on screen but there are few flaws in the narrative but they are ignorable.

Cinematography is appealing. Editing is okay. Music composed by Sekar Chandra is just passable. Dialogues are average.

Jothikrishna makes a good debut as an actor and impresses with his skills of acting. Preeti Bhandari too makes her debut with this film and lures the souls. Ganja Karupu’s comedy is a failure. Rest of the cast is okay.

Final Verdict:

Oo La La La is watchable movie but lacks oomph as far as the story of the movie is concerned.

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