Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam – Movie Review

Movie Title – Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam

Director: Rajkrishna

Cast: Sonia Agarwal, Jithan Ramesh, Punnagai Poo Geetha and Kovai Sarala

Music: Aadesh

[xrr rating=2/5]

Another Tamil movie ‘Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam’ releases today with the starcast including the names Sonia Agarwal, Jithan Ramesh, Punnagai Poo Geetha and Kovai Sarala. Rajkrishna is director of this outing. The film has been made on the subject of filmdom and the life of an actress behind the screens. The movies, which are made on these ilks of subjects, often grab the attention of the filmgoers. Since the masses are always curious to know deeply about the private and the off screen lives of the stars, this movie fetches the attention of the common masses for this very reason.

The film deals with the trouble-filled life of an actress of Tamil movie industry. Sonia Agarwal plays the leading actress in the film. The subject is superlative and the direction is good but what lacks in the movie is the script, which is good, but could have been tighter if only a bit care was given.

Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam unzips with the searching of the lost actress Anjali (Soni Agarwal) who the TV journalist (Punnagai Poo Geetha) is searching everywhere. Anjali goes missing or vanishes from the scene all of a sudden at that time when she was under the big flashlights of the cinema industry.

She was riding on the top slot by the time she went missing. During her search for the actress, the journalist bumps into the family members of the actress. And then she meets up with the film directors with whom she had done movies. The TV journalist comes to know that behind the disappearance of Anjali, the selfish nature of the filmdom and the people associated with this business exists, which coerced the actress to slip somewhere.

In Andhra Pradesh, Anjali (Soni Agarwal) hails in a poor family. Her father Devraj (Yogi Devraj) is a poor actor of stage. The bad circumstances of the family take Anjali’s mother to vow that she would make her daughter a famed actress one day. This claim takes the mother and daughter to Chennai. Here, Anjali has to go under every kind of scanning – mentally and physically. She undergoes sacrifices as well. Soon she turns famed and begins churning out good money. By the time Anjali starts making huge money, the behavior of her mother changes all of a sudden. Anjali is now the puppet who is controlled by the hands of her mother. In order to stay in the industry, she has to sacrifice a lot even physical scarification as well. Anajli starts realizing that the world is filled with the selfish people even her close family members too are selfish. She knows all are after her wealth and body. Thus she takes the extreme step of her life and slips away somewhere.

The execution of the movie by Rajkrishna is good. There is no denying. But he is not complimented by a good healthy script. The screenplay has holes which make the movie weak. It does not mean that the script is entirely poor rather it is okay but it could have been crispier more. Cinematography is average. Editing is passable. Aadesh, the newcomer music director, scores mundane music.

Sonia Agarwal impresses with her marvelous acting skills. And she is the only one who entices the viewer. Rest of the cast is pretty average or below average.


In a capsule, Oru Nadigaiyin Vakkumoolam is just passable movie. It can be watched for once only. You cannot go for the second watch.

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