Poraali – Movie Review

Movie Title: Poraali


Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Producer: Sasikumar

Director: Samuthirakani

Cast: Sasi Kumar, Swathi, Kancha Karuppu and Allari Naresh

Music: Sundar C Babu

[xrr rating=1.5/5]

Samuthirakani’s directed venture is released now. The flick was being awaited much by the movie buffs and now the upshot is in theaters for the entertainment of the viewers. Starring Sasi Kumar, Swathi, Kancha Karuppu and Allari Naresh – the movie has music scored by Sundar C Babu.

The Company Productions’ churned out project, ‘Poraali’ brings back the successful duo of Samuthirakani and Sasi Kumar. The duo is the symbol of success since their previous fiestas – Subramaniapuram, Nadodigal and Easan. The audiences’ expectations are high with this outcome of ‘Poraali’ and they should be since the success is what this duo generates always.

The movie talks about rebel who comes up to challenge the society and he gives challenges to the problems he always bumps into life due to the outcome of his insolent attitude. Sasikumar essays the leading character in the film and above all this man takes the production seat of the movie under his banner ‘Company Productions’.

The director of the movie Samuthirakani executes the first half in urban setting and the post interval portion has been executed in rural set-up. The entire film lies on the major character of the film Sasikumar who delivers good performance.

Poraali unzips the reels with a rainy night and shows Ilamkumaran (Sasikumar) and Nallavan (Allari Naresh) running from the mental hospital and they finally lands into Chennai. They find the shelter at Pulikutty (Ganja Karuppu) ‘s house. To fill the stomach up, they start doing jobs. Since Ilamkumaran is quite a tender-heaterted thus the people begin to be impressed by him. Where he wins the people’s hearts around him, he also wins a girl Bharathi (Swathi) who initially does not like him and ultimately lands into his lap. The love starts oozing out between the two.

The ending reel of first half of the film brings up a twist in tale, Ilamkumaran’s past is depicted showing the people are crazily after his life to kill him. The post interval portion shows flashbacks which seem to be forcibly injected into the narrative. The finale is a lackluster.

Allari Naresh’s part is frustrating and by the time Ganja Karuppu comes up, the humor starts working a bit.

The humorous scenes of the two are well executed and spell magic with the viewers in particular the one when Swati’s sister excommunicates them due to the food. The antics by Ganja Karuppu attract the cinegoers.

The comedy part works high in the movie rest the flick lacks the punch. There is no oomph factor or alluring thing to rave big about. The viewer starts yawning with the flow of the film. No department of the movie is attractive. There is no potential associated with the film that can raise the spirits of the moviegoers who take home nothing except the burden of spending the hard-earned money on buying the tickets.

Sasikumar attracts the audiences and does the job with conviction. Swati is appealing and does justice to her role. Nivedha, the newcomer of the trade, is noticeable. Vasundhara with small role goes well. Allari Naresh is disappointing. Ganja Karuppu is average though the comic scenes inject life.

The script is a big letdown. The story is just about okay. The direction is average and the performances are just about okay. So why a viewer should come out to watch it?

Final Verdict by the Critic:

Poraali is a mundane outing. There is nothing appealing in the film – from direction to performances and every department, the movie is a big letdown. Avoid it.




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