Prabhu Deva deceived Nayanatara

Kollywood hottest Love Pair malayalee bomb  Nayanatara and dancing sensation Prabhu Deva, when everyone expected them to enter into wedlock and enjoy the bliss of marriage life seems reaching point of no return with their relation reaching breakeven point. Nayantara for her Lover friend Prabhu Deva went to the extent of foregoing her lucrative acting career in which she is shining like a star with the success of ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’. She even converted to Hinduism though she faced opposition from her family members. Prabhu Deva divorced his wife and even reached out of settlement with her so that he can marry his lady love
Now with the strained relations between the two, now allegations and counter allegations are flying thick and fast in kollywood. Nayan’s aunt and uncle accused Prahu Deva only loving Nayantara’s money and stardom and not Nayan personally. They say he was really upset when she planned to sign off on a high note after ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ as he couldn’t enjoy continuous flow of money from Nayan’s end. They even allege that Prabhu Deva was able to pay so much money to reach out of court settlement only because Nayan helped him and now he is parting from her with a plan.

Her relatives allege even Simbu earlier did cheated Nayantara flattering her with sugarcoated loving words and minting money from her. Believing him Nayan funded ‘Vallavan’ directed by him, like Prabhudeva. They said with tears, that they were happy when she moved away from Simbu and got closer to Prabhudeva but as fate would have it even Prabhudeva was found no different. They said Nayan grew in their hands and were pained to see her like this, they said if Nayantara quits films they will get her married to a good guy from their family as they never expected her life will take such a sad turn even in their dreams.

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