Premalo Padithe – Movie Review

Movie Title – Premalo Padithe

Producer: Suresh Kondeti

Director: Balaji Sakthivel

Cast: Mithun, Sri, Urmila Mahanta and Manisha Yadav

Music: Prasanna

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Tamil film ‘Vazhakku Enn 18 /9’ has been dubbed in Telugu version as well. The film hits the screens with the title ‘Premalo Padithe’ that stars the newcomers Sri, Urmila Mahantha, Manisha Yadav and Mithun Murali. The Tamil version of the film has been produced by the famed director Linguswamy. But Telugu version is produced by Suresh Kondeti. It is directed by the famed director Balaji Sakthivel who has a big and powerful standing in the world of regional cinema as his movies always carry worthwhile scripts and potential to hit the audiences’ hearts.

The film tells the story of Venu (Sri) who happens to be a helper at a roadside hotel. There is Jyothi (Urmila) who works as a servant maid in a nearby apartment. He bumps into her and falls in love with her. He wants to win this girl’s hearts. Venu now decides to take the initiative to express his love to his gal.

There is Aarthi (Manisha Yadaev) who lives in the apartment there. Nitesh (Mithun Murali) starts wooing her and soon takes her obscene photos. Aarthy comes to know his intentions and she starts threatening him for police. He now decides to bump off this babe. But unfortunately Jyothi comes in between and becomes the target. Jyothi is hospitalized and her lover Venu lands into police custody.

The plot idea is luminous and allures the souls. The scripting on the story is well-written and carries just fewer flaws, which are ignorable. Direction of the flick is potentially superb and holds the attention of the viewers. The execution on screen is marvelous. The director shows his class with super dexterity. He maintains the viewers’ interest from the initial reels to the climax of the movie.

Editing is good. Cinematography is magnum opus and grips your heart with supreme pleasures. The locales have been captured brilliantly. Full marks to the cinematographer. Background score is wonderful. Musical score by Prasanna is a spongy treat.

Sri impresses with his classy acting skills. He loots the hearts of the viewers with the acting prowess he possesses in plenty. Urmila essays the role of Jyothi with much aplomb. Manisha is a treat to watch. Mithun Murali goes well with the act. Rest of the cast impresses as well.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Premalo Padithe is a treat to watch since the film carries good direction, hefty script and marvelous performances.


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