Raattinam – Movie Review

Movie Title – Raattinam

Director: S Thangasamy

Cast: Lagubaran and Swathy

Music: Manurameshan

[xrr rating=3/5]

The debutante filmmaker S Thangasamy churns out the Tamil movie Raattinam and the film was much in talks prior to the release. The expectations were super high and the moviegoers were waiting for some quality stuff on screen. The hype was on heights. The promotional activities were done in abundance. In a capsule, the film was already staying with the audiences well before the release. The debutante director has potential and he showed his class with brilliance. He delivered the goods aptly on screen and the audiences loved watching the film.

The film has romance as its core and it is set in Tuticorin district. The film features the newcomers in the field – Lagubaran and Swathy as the main protagonists. The film is a romance saga that involves school students.

The film is the production of Rajarathinam Films and under this banner it has been released. The film starts and then proceeds with the leisurely pace till the finale. It finishes off a enthralling note. The script is good though not novel but has interest quotient intact. The execution of the plot on screen is splendid and marvelous. The viewers do not get bored even for a moment and that is the beauty of the movie.

The fact remains that love has potential and it can make or break the things. It is actually a feeling that drags the people towards each others. The story opens up in Tuticorin where Jayam (Lagubaran), who is a youngster and spends his time with his pals. One fine day, he bumps into Dhanam (Swathy) who happens to be the final year student at school. The romance happens between the two. The girl’s father works in Tuticorin Port. Jayam’s brother possesses good political contacts.

By the time both the families come to know about their love, there happens brawls and clashes in the families. The two flee from the homes and then situations then turn murkier. The climax is utterly interesting.

The story in interesting and carries weight. Script is attention-grabbing. The direction by the debutante S Thangasamy allures the hearts. He is a good storyteller. Cinematography is fine. Editing seems okay. Music is well composed.

Lagubaran attracts with his acting skills. Swathy is a good actress. Both can see their scope in the industry. Rest of the cast enacts well too.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Raattinam is a good movie that is interesting and you can enjoy watching it.


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