Ragalai – Movie Review

Movie Title – Ragalai

Producer: R B Choudhary

Director: Sampath Nandi

Cast: Ram Charan Teja, Tamannah and Mukesh Rishi

[xrr rating=2/5]

Dashing hero Ram Charan Teja’s latest offering hits the screens today with much vigor. Ragalai is the production of R B Choudhary and has been directed by debutante director Sampath Nandi. The film was being awaited due to one man called Ram Charn Teja as he is quite popular in regional cinema having good fan following.

Ragalai is an entertainer but lacks values though it is appealing and audiences can view it till the climax. But since the film misses oomph factor and script consist of many flaws whereas the story is as old as hills. Thus taking all these things into consideration, analytically it is said that the movie is a lackluster. It is watchable due to the first half which has entertaining stuff and displays the fun-loving activities of the leading hero.

Direction is below average – the debutante director misses the punch required to make the audiences sit and get glued to the screens with interest quotient.

The film talks about Raju (Ram Charan Teja) who happens to be a fun loving guy. He is the one who can do anything for bet. When he gets shocking news that his father (M S Narayana) needs to undergo transplant, his life changes altogether. He needs Rs. 20 lakhs for the transplantation. He takes it as a challenge to get money to get his life to normalcy. He has to arrange the money. He bumps into Chaitra (Tamanna) who is the daughter of a business tycoon (Mukesh Rishi). He gets her to fall in love with him. What happens when she gets to know the real story behind the love of Raju? This unzips in the second half of the film.

Direction, as mentioned above is a just about okay. The director needs to develop the skills if he wants to continue with this business of direction. Story is old and not appealing. Script is a lackluster with many flaws. Cinematography is average. Editing is okay.

Ram Charan Teja is the one who steals the show with his power packed acting. He impresses the audiences and is seen everywhere on the screen. Tamanna is gorgeous and does her act with finesse. Mukesh Rishi is average. Rest of  the cast is adequate.

Final Verdict:

Ragalai is a below average film with mundane direction and poor script. It is just a one-time watch and that too you can do with force.

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