Rajasekhar still looks the same

A film about cop was first seen back in December 1989, ‘Idhuthanda Police’, the movie was dubbed in Telugu language.  The concept of a cop’s story was new but the people love it because of both of the racy dialogues which were used in the film and also the magnetic performance of the actor Dr Rajasekhar, who gives life to the role.


After the release of the film, many movies were produced with the concept of police story.  All of such becomes an instant hit.


Although there was countless police story in the market, the movie Idhuthanda Police is still the best for moviegoers.  Now, after 22 years of hiatus, Dr Rajasekhar is back for the sequel of the movie.


Rajasekhar, the guy who was responsible for the first movie aid that he have been planning on making a sequel for the first movie but those plans were halted because the script wasn’t yet ready.  It was only recently that the script was available.  When he first read the script, he becomes attach to the story and thus decided that he is going to based the story of Idhuthanda Police 2 on the script.


This time, the expert actor will be opposite with Madhurima.  The villains will be played by some of the most notable actors like Pradeep Rawat and Saleem Panda.  In the first movie it ended with a boy who was left alone with no one on his side.  Now the second movie will be a story of a boy who grows up to be a cop.


Rajasekhar claims that the second movie will realistic as possible.  He felt that he overacted in the first film.  He discussed the new movie with his family and they all agreed that he looks exactly the same when he did the first film.


His youthful look is the result of his constant practice of alternative medicine.  The audience will not see any difference between the old and the new movies since he still looks the same when he had done the first one.  Both heroes from the past and present look just the same.


Rajasekhar met an accident but he firmly believes that he will be out in just four months of rehabilitation because he is in tip top shape.


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