Rana Daggubati and Trisha call it quits, Bispasha wins the game

Hyderabad: The reports and rumor mill have it that Rana Daggubati and Trisha have called it quits after spending long time together. This news must seem strange to all and sundry since we have been hearing and reading a lot about Rana and Bipasha Basu’s love affair. And all at once this news came up that he broke up with regional actress Trisha.

The reports say that both Rana and Trisha have been good pals for last 10 years and they have been lovers since quite long time. The sources and the insiders tell that the reason behind the break up is mainly Bipasha Basu and Daggubati’s spending much time in Mumbai. The sources also reveal that the two also had really ugly showdown few days back.

The closeness between the two – Daggubati and Trisha happened soon after he broke the relationship with girlfriend Shriya Saran. The romance was quite in the air but it could not graduate to the next level due to the sultry Bollywood babe Bispasha’s emergence. Rana has been quite involved with Basu and he is not able to take time out to spend in Hyderabad as he is much busy with his Hindi film commitments in Mumbai.

This all irked Trisha a lot that she finally made up the mind. Both Rana and Trsiha had come into notice when he preferred spending New Year with Trisha in Goa ignoring Bipahsa Basu who was also there at the exotic place. But finally the seductress Basu took the lead and won the man from Trsiha.

Well, apparently both Bispasha and Rana deny the reports of the love affair but the truth is what everybody knows. Whenever Rana Daggubati’s name is taken before her, the sparkles ooze out from her face. The dating between the two has been going on and soon they both will make it confirmed as Trisha is out of the scene now.

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