Shyloo – Movie Review

Movie Title: Shyloo


Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Producer: K Manju

Director: S Narayan

Cast: Ganesh, Bhama and Rangayana Raghu

Music: Jaasie Gift

[xrr rating=1/5]

K Manju’s production Shyloo is a romantic saga that like all love stories ends up with tragedy. Directed by S Narayan, the film stars Ganesh, Bhama and Rangayana Raghu in pivotal roles. The film has music by Jaasie Gift.

Narayan’s Shyloo is the remake version of the blockbuster Tamil film ‘Mynaa’. The film carries the same age-old formula of romantic flicks which the viewers of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malyalam movies have been witnessing on screen – the one where the romance blossoms between the two lovers, the cruel family members intervene between the two and then the hero gets into troubles arranged by the girl’s family members. And by the time he is away, the heroine’s wedding is planned. Then the action follows with revenge is hero’s heart.

Shyloo carries the same age-old formula – the old wine and that too packaged in an old bottle since there is no innovation attached to the project not even in any department of the film.

The film’s pace is much slower that viewer begins yawning while watching the movie. When the moviegoer starts yawning and begins to take the eyes off the celluloid, it shows how boring a product is! The same is the case with Shyloo that is no doubt the remake of the hit Tamil movie Mynaa but the fact remains that the director does not have potential to get the viewer glued to the screen. And above all the screenplay is super lackluster with endless holes that further create the flaws.

The songs have been forcibly injected into the narrative sensing the fact that the script is weak and the film does not have potential to sustain the viewer’s attention. Although few of the songs succeed in sustaining the viewer’s attention on the screen but all do not have potential to do so.

The film talks about Manja (Ganesh) who loves Shyloo (Bhama). When Manja sees Shyloo and her mother Muniyamma being thrown out of the home, he brings the two to his home. This young but illiterate guy fastens the belts to help the poor mother and her daughter. He does all to fulfill their needs and get her sweetheart utter happy. Manja takes the entire responsibility of this poor family. By the passage of time, both Manja and Shyloo start loving each other but Shyloo’s mother does not know the hidden love of the two.

By the time, she knows, the wicked minded woman arranges Shyloo’s marriage with someone else. From this point on, the movie takes the turn as Manja attacks the old lady and then gets arrested. He is sent to jail. While he is serving his sentence, the girl’s mother tries to get the daughter married with other guy. Manja escapes from the prison and the film gets the tragic end.

Story is pretty old rather formulaic on which endless amount of films have been made so far. The script is a big failure. There is nothing novel in it. Direction is poor that cannot hold the viewer’s attention to the screen. Other departments of the movie from cinematography to editing all are lackluster. Music is average.

Ganesh and Bhama do the super performances and allure the viewers. Rest of the cast is just about okay.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

On the whole, Shyloo, admit, though is the remake version of Tamil hit Mynaa, but this version is a big flop having no novelty at all. From direction to script and music – there is nothing appealing. A big NO for the film, it has to be left aside.


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