SMS – Movie Review

Movie Title – SMS

Cast: Sudhir Babu and Regina

Director: Thatineni Satya

Producer: Ghatamaneni Priya

Music: Selva

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

Telugu movie ‘SMS’ is out now. Sudhir makes the debut with this flick. Thatineni Satya directs the venture that stars Naga Sudhir Babu and Regina in the lead. Ghatamaneni Priya produces the flick. The music has been scored by Selva. SMS (Siva Manasulo Shruti ) is the remake of the Tamil film Siva Manasala Shakti (SMS).

The film talks about Siva (Sudhir Babu) who happens to be a courier guy. He starts loving Shruti (Regina) when he meets her for the first time. Initially they both cheat each other, as they tell lies about what they do. Later on, their realities get revealed. Then the game of cat and mouse begins between the two that then makes the turn to the love that is un-expressed. Siva starts behaving odd with Shruti. Soon they get estranged. The way their union makes up is what the movie is based upon.

The movie is a romantic flick which does not try to be serious at all. It is laced with fun moments. The beginning of the movie is utterly boring. By the time the movie turns into love games, it captures the hearts of the moviegoers.

The one liners used in the movie attract the cinegoers. First half of the film pours on the romance between the two lead characters. There are many flaws in the first half, as the movie gets lethargic, the direction shakes, actors deliver bad performances and the likes nonetheless it goes well with the viewers. Post interval portion is somewhat better.

The characterization of Sudhir is a big lackluster. His character has not been developed properly. The film is a romantic comedy but lacks punches at many places. The weakness lies with direction that looses the impacts at many places and also the script is not of a good standard.

Thatineni Satya’s direction is below average. It does not raise the spirits. Story is good but the screenplay is just about average as it does not hold the oomph factor required for these kinds of movies. Cinematography is okay. Editing is good. Music by  Selva Ganesh is mundane.

Sudhir Babu, the debutante, does not appeal at all with the performance. He needs to develop good level of acting to pursue a career in this field. Regina impresses with her job. Vinay Mohan is a treat to watch. Rest of the cast is average.


On the whole, SMS is good in parts but the direction and scripting devalue the movie in addition to the poor performance of Sudhir Babu.

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