Sonakshi talks about her appearance in the movie Kick

Sonakshi Sinha’s debut movie with leading actor Salman was a blockbuster last year, however her exposure is just minimal since she is just starting. Luckily for her that her next project movie “Kick” will expose fully expose her.   Kick is a remake of an old South Indian film.  She will be given a much better role in this new movie than her previous project.  She noted that she will not be wasting this opportunity and will be giving her best for the film.


Sonakshi is already one of the actresses of Dabanng 2. She would also love to be part of some new movies that her former director Abhinav Kashyap will be doing.  The latter got into an argument with the “Dabanng” producer so there won’t be any collaboration between the two.


Kush is her brother who is now assisting Abhinav in making the new movie as he has dreams of becoming a director one day.  To prepare for his dream, he is now busy assisting Abhinav in directing ads for the new movie that the director is working right now.  Sonakshi said that she doesn’t think that the director is into directing another new movie right now.  However she still loves to be part of the movie that will be directed by her former director.


Currently, she has three movies all lined up for the year.  She is set to appear on ‘Kick’ with Salman Khan, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ with Akshay Kumar and ‘Vishwaroopam’ with Kamal Haasan.  Aside from the three films, the second installment of Dabanng will also come up.   She is now happy with the blessings that are coming in her way but she understands that getting success is easier than maintaining it.


In the movie ‘Vishwaroopam,’ Sonakshi will be wearing costumes both from Indian and western cultures.  The movie starts shooting this June.


Since she has a busy schedule right now, any producer that wants to work with her will have to wait since her schedule is full for the year.  They would have to wait until next year before she could commit to making another movies or shows.


The beautiful newcomer then added that she always believe that she was lazy but now she knows that she is hardworking as anybody could get.


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