Swargam – Movie Review

Movie Title – Swargam

Cast: Shivaji Guruvayoor, Chinju Mohan and Riza Bava

Director: Anil Prabhakar

Producer: Sabu Manikutty

Music: Sabu Varghese

Genre: Drama

[xrr rating=4/5]


Anil Prabhakar’s directed venture ‘Swargam, Just 9 KM Ahead’ has released with much oomph and vigor to allure the audiences. The Malayalam movie was being awaited due to the storyline and the theme of the flick. The viewers were crazy for the film’s release and now the wait is over since the item is in stores.

Produced by Sabu Manikutty, the film stars Shivaji Guruvayoor, Chinju Mohan and Riza Bava in the leading roles. A drama genre, Swargam, Just 9 KM Ahead carries the good plot and the direction to rave big about. The flick is laced with the astonishing execution for the interest of the cinegoers who were sitting on the edge of the seat for the release. The audiences deserved a scrumptious product to relish with since they waited long for the flick to come out and once it is out, they deserve the best serve, which the director of the movie gave them in plenty.

The script of the film is well written and carries the power to have the viewers glued to the screens.

The film pours light on a village called Swargam situated in Kasargod district. The movie talks about the lives and daily routine of the residents of this village. The village got affected worst by the endosulphan tragedy. Post this tragedy, much of the population including the newborns got hugely affected by the ill effects emerged from the pesticide. The village is now swathed with the endless amount of stories to describe and utter about these ill effects.

Post the transfer taken place due to punishment, the agriculture officer George and his family are heading to the village ‘Swargam’. The village is now only 9KM ahead but the agriculture officer, his family and the lives of the villagers get a new turn with a sudden move. What happens next is what is called a good suspense!

Anil Prabhakar is directing a feature film for the first time. Previously he has just directed the ad films. But he proved that he is master in the art of feature films as well. He has the knack of directing the flicks on celluloid and that he has proved in this film.

The script written by Hemant Kumar is fabulous and attention grabbing without any holes. The cinematography by Latheef Maranchery is eye-pleasing. Editing is crispy. Music by Sabu Varghese is spongy.

Aruj Rj impresses with his part. Shaji does fine. Praveen enacts well. Mohan is impressive and Bava is attractive with the acting job.


On the whole, the film ‘Swargam, Just 9 KM Ahead’ is an interesting venture.

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