The Businessman’s sequel to come, Aishwarya gets irked about wrong reports

Chennai: The Businessman, Mahesh Babu’s recent release, which has been on way to generate the mammoth record breaking business at the box office, is expected to be made again. Yes, the sequel of Businessman is being planned by the makers, the reports and the sources say.

Puri Jagannath, the hit director of Businessman, is expected to hit the space once again with the sequel to the recent record breaking flick ‘The Businessman’.  Since today is the age of remakes and the sequels, the sources claim that the sequel to The Businessman is sure to happen.

Jagannath has also made the announcement of his plans for the movie’s franchise. Since Puri has not yet fulfilled his vows about Pokiri 2, it seems that the sequel to The Businessman too might be sidelines. But the fans are pretty hopeful that Puri will not disappoint them this time around.

On the other hand, there is a big buzz about the sibling rivalry of Aishwarya Dhanush and Soundarya (the daughters of Rajnikanth). The articles are being published in the south about the heated rivalry between the two sisters who are the part of the south film industry. Even the articles highlighted the matter that Dhanush (the son in law of Rajnikanth) is misusing Rajni’s brand name that disturbs the superstar. The irked Aishwarya had to eventually come up. She cleared the dust on all these heated reports which have been spoiling their family’s relations with each other. She says that why these bullshit reports are being published in the media whereas none of the reports have truth in it.

Aishwarya says, Soundarya is into animation and she is into feature films – how come the rivalry between them? And she angrily utters that her husband Dhanush has not been misusing Rajni’s name at all but the media is misguiding the masses and spoiling our image.

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