Tsunami – Movie Review

Movie Title – Tsunami

Starcast – Raj, Sonia, Rangayana Raghu, Doddanna, Tennis Krishna, Bullet Prakash, Gazar Khan, Killer Venkatesh, Bank Janardhan and others.
Music – Sadguna Raj
Producer – Raju Patil
Director – Makam Manohar.

[xrr rating=1/5]


Raju Patil’s produced and Makam Manohar’s directed venture ‘Tsunami’ has come out now for the entertainment of the viewers. But does the film entertain the viewers? The answer is ‘not at all’. It is the worst made movie that lacks in direction, story, script and performances and even on all fronts.

The film tells the story of a youngster who is traced in the Tsunami havoc. He is named as Tsunami (Raj) and he hails in Mumbai. Tsunami supports his father’s business. Back in Bengaluru, Tsunami moors the belts to brawl with the evil practicers. There is no one who can come in his way because his strength is mammoth. He becomes the underworld Don. Soon an anti-national group wants his support in terrorism – an operation ‘Target Karnataka’. Initially Tsunami says yes to different explosions in Bengaluru but then he fastens the belts to teach this anti-national group a big lesson.

The film is a big lackluster. The story is pretty ordinary and every sequence of the film is much predictable, the viewer can easily understand what will happen in the next frame? The director is a poor storyteller who cannot hold the attention of the viewers on screen. The disappointment among the viewers is quite visible since they were not offered for what they consumed their hard earned money.

The script is the biggest weak thing in this film. It carries so many holes from where the movie leaks. The stunts done in the film are simply boring and have no oomph value. The hero tries to be much angry in the entire film but his nature to be so is not well delivered on the screen.

Dialogues seem to be cut a lot since in many dialogues, the connection between them seems empty. Cinematography of the movie is passable.

Raj makes debut with Tsunami and disappoints fully. He is a weak actor and he needs to learn the acting skills to go in the industry. Sonia is average. Rangayana Raghu is just about okay. Rest of the cast is pretty ordinary.


On the whole, Tsunami is a weak film and best to be avoided.

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