Udumban – Movie Review

Udumban – Movie Review

Director: S Balan

Cast: Dilip Rogers, Sana and Geethika

[xrr rating=1/5]


South cinema seems to be sailing through the waves of making the movies on the educational system. Recently we witnessed fewer one on these lines such as Dhoni, Nanban and Marina. Well, it is a good sign that one should educate the masses in a good manner. But to do this purpose and to serve the masses in a good manner, you have to dish out a good product. Let’s check whether Udumban serves the purpose right or wrong?

S Balan directs this venture that stars Dilip Rogers, India’s number one bike racer in the main lead. Dilip’s presence in the movie fetches big hype no doubt in that but the question remains whether he can act like his game or not? Let’s check it out.

Udumban talks about the corruption and the complicated educational system being penetrated into society.

Udumban (Dilip Rogger) is the one who happens to be a sixth standard dropout in village. A robber he is! He always walks around the area monitoring lizard on his shoulders. Whenever he steals the things from the affluent people, he shares them with the cops. The film take a twist when Udumban’s brother gets nabbed for murdering Udumban’s fiancé. Udumban schemes a plan to begin a school where he can easily grab the money from the kids’ parents in the name of donations. But he gets arrested and is sent to prison, now his brother has power to run the school. When Udumban comes back from prison, he gets shiocked seeing his brother being an affluent person. He now realizes that education is a business now and his brother cheats people and continues doing so. Now the brawl starts between the two brothers.

The direction of the movie is simply very poor that does not hold the attention of the viewer on the screen. People simply yawn by watching the flick. It is hard to watch the flick till the end since it does not have any attraction or interesting element to enjoy with. The story is mundane. The screenplay is not only sluggish but also weak. Cinematography of the movie is below average. Editing is not up to the mark.

Dilip Roger acts well. He can continue the business of acting provided that he works more on acting lessons. Sana looks gorgeous and acts good. Geethika is okay. Rest of the cast is pretty boring.


Udumban is best to be avoided since it does not have any interesting element to relish with. Instead watching it, do watch a good DVD at home.


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