Vazhakku En 18/9 – Movie Review

Movie Title – Vazhakku En 18/9

Director: Balaji Sakthivel

Cast: Sri, Urmila, Mithun Murali and Manisha Yadav

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

The famed Tamil director Balaji Sakthivel comes up with his latest outing ‘Vazhakku En 18/9’. The man is famous for his gripping stories he shows off in his flicks and with the flick ‘Kadhal’, he has set the new trends in the world of Tamil cinema industry. His movies are always story driven and packed with the interest quotient in plenty for the viewers – this is the reason that the viewers come up to watch his films in theaters. In short, this man has the potential to bring out the audiences into cinema and he keeps doing so to impress the cinema goers. The latest flick offered by him carries the subject that revolves around romance, crime and sex. Thus it is laced with all the required ingredients to make a spicy entertainer.

Balaji knows his art and skills well, which is why he made this film with fresh cast. Normally when you come up with the freshers, you are not rest assured of the audiences’’ liking but this man is certain that he can allure the viewers with his prowess.

Apart from the cast, which impresses with its acting histrionics, the technicians and other crew members too win the hearts with their performances. In short, the film is potentially a brilliant cinematic product to watch.

The movie talks about Velu (Sri) who works in a roadside shop. He is an orphan and loses his heart to Jothi (Urmila Mahantha). She is a servant maid in the adjoining apartments. Velu, by the time bumps into her, falls in love with her. Now he is desperate to win her heart. Aarthy (Manisha Yadav) lives in the apartment and is a student. She loves her neighbor in apartment. Enters Dinesh (Mithun Murali) who happens to be a spoiled brat and starts wooing Aarthy and soon takes her obscene pictures. Aarthy realizes his intentions and then threatens him for the police action. Dinesh gets tensed and tehn schemes a plot to slaughter Aarthy but instead of Aarthy, Jothi becomes his target. Police enter into the scene and Dinesh makes the settlement with the corrupt police officer. The corrupt police officer makes Sri the goat then and he becomes the police’s target.

The plot is interesting and alluring. Script is good and valuable though there are some flaws but they are ignorable. Direction, as mentioned earlier, is classy. Cinematography is a work of art. Editing is fine.

Sri impresses with the acting prowess. Urmila looks great and acts fabulously. Mithun Murali depicts the acting skills flawlessly. Rest of the cast fills the bill also.

Final Verdict:

Vazhakku En 18/9 is a well-executed film with hefty plot, script, direction and performances by the stars.

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