Veedinthe – Movie Review

Movie Title – Veedinthe

Cast: Vikram, Deesksha Seth, K Vishwanadh and Avinash

Director: Susindhran

Producer: Prathish and Santhosh

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Genre: Action-Romance

[xrr rating=2/5]


PVP Cinema’s banner brings the flick ‘Veedinthe’ directed by Susindhran and produced by Prathish and Santhosh. The movie is an utter commercial masala film which is why the Telugu audience was waiting for the release. The hype was generated for the flick and this publicity was what brought the viewers into the theaters else there was nothing special in the content of the movie to grab the eyeballs. But the question is whether the movie has potential to keep the audience in the days to come? Answer is absolutely not!

For the fans of Vikram, the movie is appealing but only his presence in the film cannot bind the viewers and bring the new audience in cinema in future.

Susindhran directs the flick with class – no question about it. He has a good track record that attracts the audiences. But he is not complimented with the good story and the screenplay, which happen to be the life of any film.

Veedinthe tells the story of Shankar (Vikram) who happens to be a gym guy. He loves to be a villain in the movie. One day he comes across an old man Dakshina Murthy (K Vishwanadh) who runs an orphanage. This old man’s son (Avinash) wants to capture the whole property of the father to get his political benefits. Ranga Nayaki a.k.a. Akka (Sana), who is a leader of a political party, supports old man’s son. Shankar, when gets to know all this, moors the belts to turn a savior of the old man and his orphanage. What happens next is what everyone can predict easily!

Susindhran executes the film supremely on the celluloid. His direction is what that saves the movie to fully sink in! But what he can do solely when the actual life of the movie is weak. Yes, story is poor and the screenplay is a big letdown.

Music of the film scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja is ear-shattering and ear-disturbing. No song has potential to hum it around. Cinematography is average and the editing shows you that many scenes have been added forcibly.

Post interval portion that brings the whole action gets you bored though normally action raises the spirits. But the action sequences are not novel – they are age-old.

Performances of the stars are average but the leading characters like Vikram and Deesksha Seth allure the hearts.


In a capsule, Veedinthe does not fit to the merits. Direction and some performances of the leading stars save the sinking boat.

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