Venicile Vyapari – Movie Review

Movie Title – Venicile Vyapari

Producer: Murali Films

Director: Shafi

Cast: Mammotty and Kavya Madhavan

Music: Biji Bal

Genre: Comedy-Action

[xrr rating=1/5]


Shafi’s directed ‘Venicile Vyapari’ has hit the screens. The Malayalam movie has been well in wait and now it has come up to entice the viewers. Murali Films produce this movie that stars Mammotty and Kavya Madhavan who plays the main protagonists in the film. Biji Bal scores the music.

A comedy movie, the film is based around the famous Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’. It has been learnt that the title of this flick was given by Salim Kumar who has been awarded the National Award for his brilliant acting skills.

Although the film is based on the great playwright’s play but it has nothing much to let the viewers enjoy with. The script writer and the director simply fail to ignite the oomph the play of Shakespeare has. The apparent comic caper cannot tickle your funny bone at all.

It is Mammotty’s show all the way since he is shown off the screen wearing various outfits, dolling up some action and comic sequences. The director tries to infuse the 80’s era into the movie by getting Mammooty wearing the wigs and shirts (big collared) of that time. But his efforts looks wasted since he could not generate the actual feel of the time. The jokes of SMS seem pretty ordinary and even cannot generate laughter on the lips.

Shafi’s Venicile Vyapari talks about a murder happened way back in the era of 80s. Pavithran (Mammootty) happens to be a cop who is roped in to investigate the killing and the whodunit associated with this murder. Since the film is based around Skahespeare’s Merchant of Venice, the Venice of Kerala is Alappuzha and Merchant is Mammooty. The incidents unzip in Alappuzha where Ajayan (Biju Menon), a local union leader, gets killed and the cop Pavithran is brought up to investigate the scene and the case. Previously the police officers who tried to do the investigations against the criminal activities of the powerful landlords of the place got assaulted. Now Pavithran fastens the belts to brawl against them. Ammu (Kavya Madhavan), who is the sister of the murdered Ajayan, starts loving Pavithran. Follows next is the cop’s business with the investigation of the case.

Direction is weak. Shafi shows no power to bind the viewers till the climax. Script is another feeble thing that has nothing special and even has been written very badly. The cinematography is lackluster. Editing is bombastically poor. Music is letdown.


On the whole, Venicile Vyapari is a big downer that carries nothing to rave about and enjoy with. Spending time and money on this venture is an idiotic thing, so avoid it.

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