Vinayaka – Movie Review

Movie Title – Vinayaka

Cast: Santhaanam, Sonia Deepti and Krishnudu

Producer: Sahana Creations

Director: Bhalasekaran

Music: Shyamprasan

Genre: Comedy-Romance

[xrr rating=2.5/5]


The flick Vinayaka is the production of Sahana Creations. Bhalasekaran is the captain of the ship who has directed this venture that stars new faces to play the main leads. Santhaanam, Sonia Deepti and Krishnudu essay the leading roles in the movie. Shyamprasan handles the music department and Vairamuthu is behind the lyrics of the film album. The Tamil movie was in news and now it has hit the screens.

The film, contrary to the expectations, could not emerge successful rather it went average at the box office. The execution of the film appears to be okay and it certainly has potential to bind the viewers to the screens till the finale but the script and the story appear to be bit of shaky that is why the film loses its value among the moviegoers.

Vinayaka talks about a fat guy Karthik (Vinayaka) who loves a modern girl Kalpana (Sonia). He is from a small town in Tamilnadu and happens to be a roly ploy guy having an angelic face. He has very easy going nature whereas Kalpana is the one who is much strong, sharp and determined gal. Both Karthik and Kalpana work in a company together. An incident brings the both together under one roof. This is what happens that due to some reasons, both stay together in a same apartment. As usually happens with the Indian movies, both do not approve of each other initially then chances develop between the two that lead them to blossom the flower of love inside them for each other. Kalpana gets engaged to Rajeev (Samrat) but soon realizes her inner self that says this is not the guy she loves.

Direction by Bhalasekaran is superb. He holds values and is potentially a good director who can get the viewers glued to the screen. But what he can do when the script is mundane. The story is average and on it, the scripting is pretty average that does not have any sparks. The story and the screenplay seem routine. There is no novelty etc in the film.

Music is just about okay. The cinematography is appealing but lacks at some places where the camera work shakes. The editing is average.

Vinayaka acts well with the role of a chubby guy. He delivers the goods aptly on screen. Sonia is gorgeous and a good actress that she proved with her role. Rest of the cast is okay.


On the whole, Vinayaka is an average movie which is high on direction but low on script and story.

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