Vishnu – Movie Review

Movie Title: Vishnu

Cast : Abhijit double role, Catherine, Poonam, Geetha, Sharat Lohitashva, Ashish Vidyarthi, Manoj and others.
Producer: Rohini Abijith and Abijith
Music: MN Krupakar

Genre: Action, Drama

[xrr rating=1/5]

Kannada movie Vishnu came to hit the screens. The final output was being expected to make some marks if not full, nonetheless it letdowns the spirits of the expectations being raised by the audiences. Very rarely it is seen that the one man shows work at the silver screen, most of the time, they simply fall flat the box office with pretty ordinary or dull ventures. The same is the case with Vishnu, where one man tries to be over smart but fails to generate the oomph and spread his talents on multi front. Had his talents worked big time among the audiences, if he would have used them on one or two fronts. Well, sometimes talents on multi fronts too go well generating a product one wants to stay with. But that happens when the talents are worthwhile and gripping. With Vishnu, the multi talents of Abhijit prove to be big lackluster spreading flaws everywhere on the screen making the movie a big disaster at the box office. Vishnu simply depresses the masses, who start regretting on spending money on this flick.

Abhijit is the man who is behind the production, direction, story and script of the flick. And the best thing is that he never succeeds in any of these fronts. He fails bombastically on each of these departments of the film.

The story idea is the same age-old formulaic one that drops much badly among the cinegoers since it carries the old one story we have been seeing umpteen times on silver screen. The father is killed and the son grows to take revenge from the killers. This is what Vishnu is all about.

Sonu Vishnu (Abhijit) grows to take revenge from the murderers of his father Narasimha. Both the characters are played by Abhijit. The first half of the film is somewhat good but the post interval portion is simply pleasure-spoiling, you would want to leave the theater. Although there emerge the action sequences when he fasten the belts to settle the scores with his father’s killers. The revenge and the blood-shed portions come up when he returns to his native village where he stumbles upon his father’s killers and ultimately settles the scores one by one with all the murderers.

The leading lady opposite him is none other than the daughter of the killer (as usual we see in all these types of movies). The climax, which should have been blood-boiling as it happens in these kinds of movies, is pretty ordinary.

The story is as old as the hills. The script is poor not having any novelty at all. The dialogues are mundane – they do not generate any liking or they are the ones which are reminded post the film.

The direction is pretty ordinary. It is like a child’s work. The cinematography is below average. Editing is simply drastic since the scenes seem forcibly adjusted.

Abhijit is everywhere on the celluloid. He does not impress at all with his acting. And the same thing he does with his other jobs of direction and writing. What he wanted – he did by focusing the camera on him throughout the flow!

Catherine and Poonam look good but are not offered much scope since it is the show of Abhijit. Ashish Vidharti and Manoj are average. Rest of the cast is okay.


Vishnu is a big disappointment and it must be avoided.


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