White and Black – Movie Review

Movie Title – White and Black

Banner and Producer: Ifar International

Director: Rajeev G.R

Cast: Anpumani, Masha Pour and Jagadish

Music: Ravi J.Menon

Genre: Romance

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


White and Black releases in the cinema with oomph and vigor. Directed by Rajeev G.R, the movie has been produced by Ifar International. The film stars Anpumani, Masha Pour and Jagadish in the leading roles. The film’s music has been delivered by Ravi J. Menon.

This romantic saga is well-made and filled with utter romantic emotions. The film reveals the human emotions and sentiments. The romantic quotient has been delivered on the silver screen with brilliance. Since there is bombastic amount of romantic movies all around and has been coming on and on, but the ones which are made with careful and perfection loot the scene and hearts. This one is among those which are made with careful attention.

Rajeev G.R shows his brilliance and class in direction and lets the viewer enjoy the romance of two different countries’ people. The spongy and tender love is really heart-warming and the essence of the romance is well depicted on screen.

The story, though seems not to be novel, is attractive from all respects and allures the souls. The ones, who are in love, would certainly be taking the flick back home. The script best compliments the direction. The director finds himself lucky to have a good screenplay to work on. Had he been awarded with the mundane script, he would have landed into bigger trouble to entice the viewers.

White and Black talks about the couple – Carle and Anpu who fall in love with each other. Carle (Masha Pour), a foreign woman, gets fascinated by the beauty of Kerala and her fascination is because of her mother who belongs to India. This attachement to the counyry brings her to Kovalem where she bumps into a tour guide Anpu (Anpumani). Both start touring the various destinations of the place. In the midst of the journey, the two begin attracting to each other and finally fall in love deeply to each other. Now the twist in tale happens when Carle plans to go back to her homeland (UK) since she has to return as she is a model. To accomplish her tasks and continue with her career, she is to move back. Anpu has to wait her. Whether she will return or not is what forms the rest of the saga.

The execution of this simple but romantic concept on the screen is brilliant and eye-alluring. The director deserves distinction marks for this job. He shows his mastery of the art. Making romantic movies are simple – many can do but holding the attention of the viewer is what is called the art and expertise. This is what Rajeev possesses in abundance.

The script is marvelous having no holes at all. The screenplay gives the full support to the director to churn out a good movie on.

The music by Ravi J. Menon is rhythmic. Since romantic movies should carry the heart-warming melodies, the music director understands it and lets the listeners enjoy with the same.

Sivakumar’s cinematography is a work of art. The gorgeous locales of Kerala have been captured with gusto.

Anpumani delivers the acting with class. Masha Pour is ravishing and portrays the character well. Rest of the cast too emerges with good jobs.


The film ‘White and Black’ (White has been used for the girl who is British and Black used for a boy who is Malayali) is a well-crafted romantic saga that should be watched.


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