Youtube now offers New Movies for India

If you are one of those people who like watching movies via pirated VCD then this news might be god for you since this is your chance to watch high quality films without paying anything for it.  Recent bollywood movies will be uploaded to a Youtube channel.  This channel would feature movies for free.


YouTube Box Office is the new channel for India’s people.  Each month this channel is going to feature a premium block buster movie each month which will be embedded with ads to cover the expenses.  This channel is made for India so people coming from other countries would not have the pleasure of within any of the films.  Youtube will be blocking IP from other countries so that they could not watch any films.


To kick start the new channel Intel, the sponsor uploads the movie ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’, which stars both actors Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma.  Aside from the channel Google India will also try to stop piracy since a lot of new movies are always uploaded in Youtube without being checked.


Aside from the block buster movies, users can also watch other popular films which people from India will have the pleasure of watching for free that are available from the YouTube catalogue of movies.  There are over 1500 movies which also includes regional language movies.


According to Gautam Anand, Director Content Partnerships for YouTube Japan-APAC, they want to establish a destination in Youtube that can be discovered easily while helping their content partners to get more viewers looking at their premium content at the same time.  Since in every 48 hours in content that are being uploaded on Youtube on each minute, this move will be their way of to bring premium contents to their users.


The idea is also a good way to make some money from the new Youtube channel.


The aim of Youtube is to collaborate with partners like Yash Raj Films in India on split revenue for each month.  Anand Gurnani, added that aside from the enormous reach, Youtube also offers a good way of monetizing the channel without harassing its user.  They are assuming that the new project will be a good way to reach the digital-responsive viewers.


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